Charles Duran is a supporting character in Turner's Second Chance. He is the owner of the run-down Duran Print Works company in San Francisco, being the only place in the city that still utilizes paper boys to deliver newspapers to people.

The co-owner is Tristan A. Duran, Charles's son, although he wants to get out of the print works business and instead become a criminal.

Events of Turner's Second Chance (2016)Edit

The Duran Print Works only has one known paper boy as of the present, Hunter Prince. In February 2016, Hunter's cousin Chris Turner moves to San Francisco and wants to get a job to support his family. Hunter has Chris come to the print works and become a paper boy with him. Charles meets Chris and is impressed by his work. He appears as a very friendly old man and only sees the positive in his employees.

At the end of March, Charles is put in the hospital after a heart attack. Tristan sees this as his chance to get rid of his father for good so he can pursue a new life. He has Chris go to the hospital that Charles is at, disguised as a stranger, and unplug his life support, killing him. Chris reluctantly pulls off the job and kills Charles, but Tristan turns on him, as he wants Chris and Hunter out of the way as well so nobody can stop him. He reintroduces Chris to some old friends; his half-brothers the Chavez brother, to take him out so Tristan will have nobody to worry about as he proceeds to attempt to take over the underworld of San Francisco.

Chapter AppearancesEdit


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