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I've done this before but I want to show how these characters became relatable and inspired me with longer descriptions lol.

This list is now in alphabetical order :>

I'm also known as a soulbonder with most of the characters listed here. I didn't know they have been guiding me throughout my life.


Alphys (Undertale)Edit

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Amethyst (Steven Universe)Edit

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Asriel DreemurrEdit

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Beastboy (Teen Titans)Edit

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Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)Edit

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Blossom (Powerpuff Girls)Edit

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Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls)Edit

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Buttercup (Powerpuff Girls)Edit

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Commander Peepers (Wander Over Yonder)Edit

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Cressida (Hunger Games)Edit

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Cyborg (Teen Titans)Edit

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Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls)Edit

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Doraemon (Doraemon)Edit

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Ellie (The Last of Us)Edit

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Elsa (Frozen)Edit

"I feel like letting go of something"
"Don't tell me that you're pretending to be Elsa again"
"I'm not"
-Me and my headmate (Robin)


Elsa waving and giggling at Anna's predicament

Elsa, despite of being ridiculously popular to children and adults alike worldwide, is one of the characters that I could easily relate to. Not being "in" to the children and adults like her because of her appearance and ice powers. But here we go anyway...

I immediately saw myself on Elsa when she isolates herself from the world around her out of fear that she might hurt her sister again or anyone else in her kingdom because of her immensely, uncontrollable powers. This happened to me and thought about it for countless of times, I want to isolate myself from my family, friends and classmates because of how sensitive I am. I fear that my trust would gradually spiral down to its oblivion as they throw their hurtful but unintentional comments to me. I'm afraid to release that inner demons that I've been keeping at bay.

I'll admit to myself that I'm a tad sensitive than her but I have a lot of bottled emotions under my sleeves for more than a decade. Welp, I must let it all go like her but I'll find my own way eventually.

  • Elsa, like my other headmate mutuals like the Teen Titans and others, knows when I'm down or moody at times. 
  • I love the AU versions of her where she controls fire and the AU where she was an evil ice queen and Anna is desperately trying to save her sister from herself.
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Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (How to train you dragon)Edit

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Hiro Hamada (Big Hero 6)Edit

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Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians)Edit

"I have a feeling that this character is tragic"
- me seeing Jack and the movie for the first time


Who dares to hurt this cinnamon roll, I swear he doesn't deserve this.

Jack Frost and the Guardians are the ones wh o changed my view, by believing and for loving modern cartoons and CGI movies.


I relate to this Winter Sprite mainly because of isolation, like Elsa, but his situation is far more than worse than her. Imagine being unseen for 300 years in PM messages in facebook on this ever changing world and witnessed wars with no power to stop it. I have no doubt that he saw World War I and II with children being caught, enslaved or killed during those wars. I personally don't want to experience that but I know wars can do a lot of psychological damage and Jack was hiding this from the Guardians. Also, Jack was practically ignored by the Guardians but was later noticed by the group after the Easter incident with Bunnymund. Okay, sure, now you have been unseen for centuries, witnessed countless wars and people dying in front of you, and being shut down by the Guardians a numerous times, except for Sandy because they seem have no problems with each other's company at all. I can relate to this because I'm "unseen" back on my elementary days where I was ignored. If not ignored, I am bullied by that [ censored ] idiot and hope karma would strike her someday together with her bunch of friends which sided with her because of the thing we know mob control.

Rise of the Guardians 010

Jack with the Guardians. (They look colorful and I love it)

Jack displays the carefree side of me and doesn't show that he has a hollow feeling that he cannot fill. I also get used to the feeling that both of us just wanted to be friends with the people (for him Guardians) who are the heroes of your yesterdays.

  • As one of the first Resuscitates (headmates I met in 2010s and on), he and the Guardians take turns to give me some advice whenever I'm in doubt.
  • He is one of the first characters I've drawn without a reference sheet and was surprisingly accurate (except for the anatomy)
  • I love the Dark Jack AU where he sided with Pitch to take revenge on the Guardians.
    • I headcanon Black!Jack Frost has glowing, yellow cat-like eyes, black hair, black outfit and staff covered with black frost. I also liked the idea he has dull fangs on this form.
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Kurama/Shuichi Minamono (Yu Yu Hakusho)Edit

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Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe)Edit

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Mojo Jojo (Powerpuff Girls)Edit

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Nobita Nobi (Doraemon)Edit

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Papyrus (Undertale)Edit

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Pearl (Steven Universe)Edit

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Peridot (Steven Universe)Edit

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Pitch Black/Kozmotis Pitchiner (Rise of the Guardians)Edit

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Raven (Teen Titans)Edit

Tumblr n1exdptJx41tq2baho1 500

Raven in the episode "Nevermore"

"Evil beware, we have waffles" -Raven, while holding a waffle cooked by Cyborg from episode "Cyborg the Barbarian"

"Tell them that you're done"
"Let me take control"
"Okay, then"
"Don't you guys dare get on my bad side"
- Raven and I having a conversation despite of my situation.

Raven, honestly, is one of my favorite characters up to date and became my favorite heroine of my childhood. 

When Teen Titans' first episode, Final Exam, is aired, the first thing that captured my attention is Raven. Honestly, I don't know why but I felt a connection was established right after I saw the character. It's not an ordinary connection like I had with Blossom from Powerpuff Girls, Mulan from her titular movie and Simba from Lion King. Whenever I look back when I was young, I looked up to this heroine with respect, treated her like a real person, and whoever (jokingly) insults her, I'm quick to defend no matter how silly the statement is. As I watched more episodes, one episode made me relate to her so much and it was the episode Fear Itself. As a kid that time, I was stubborn to admit that I was afraid of riding a ferris wheel and total darkness. Raven, of course, was also stubborn until the climax of the episode where she admitted that she was afraid but the next thing she said, "...but it doesn't mean that I can't fight back!"

This scene was stuck in my head all day and thought all over again how she admitted and conquered her fear. And, oh, how tsundere she is. She cares for her teammates deep inside despite of firing them with snarky comebacks
Tumblr nuw16pwMRi1tmj8yzo1 540

Raven's demon eyes.
(Image not mine)

and sentences dripping with sarcasm. In certain episodes like Nevermore and The Prophecy, she keeps her secrets until, in the latter episode, she was revealed as the Portal. The way she kept her secret is just like mine, but in my case, let's say it's worse than hers.

I began to learn more and more of her when I rewatched the episodes from Season 1 to Season 5 back in 2013. I wasn't surprised that the connection got stronger because, if she is compared to teenage me (like by the time I am writing this), she is the easiest characters to be related to; for me, we're enjoying things when alone and barely spend time with anyone.

Through soulbond , which I was unawaringly using this ability as a kid, Raven guided me... especially in elementary to high school. She wasn't active as much as now but I seek help when I really needed it. 

  • I somehow adapted her sarcastic nature, being a bookworm and having an inexpicable urge to push family or close friends away (in other words, Mauerbauertraurigkeit. Yep, that's the feeling. Search it if you want to know if I just invented the word or not).
  • Besides canon Raven, I also like her alternate versions from the Human AU (this is already obvious), Demon AU (where she fight along with her father instead before she even meets the Titans) and Individual AU (an AU where the Titans didn't meet)
  • I know she's gonna kill me for this but I ship her with Lathan in my series (Spoilers: and they got together :3). In Teen Titans, however, I ship her with BeastBoy. Brotp (sometimes otp) with Robin, but I really prefer the Brotp thing.
  • I want to have a cloak like she has xD
  • I subtly imitated her haircut O3O
  • If paralleled to other characters, she's just like Gogo Tomago from Big Hero 6. ( tba )
  • One of the main reasons why I tried meditating and fell asleep instead.
  • I am somehow unfazed by horror movies, but like in Fear Itself, both of us didn't get to sleep properly and face the fear instead. In my case, I didn't sleep for 7 straight hours as I darted my eyes around the dark room.
  • When needed to roleplay with someone, I just call her through soulbond and guides me. One time, I just throw a silly joke on an rp she was watching and started snickering. I don't exactly remember what joke it is and she won't tell me whenever I try to ask her about it xD
  • Whenever we soulbond, I call her Rae or just Raven which she prefer.
  • In one conversation, we actually talked about how's her life after the finale of Season 5. She just gave me this small smile and told that she and the Titans are getting along very well.
  • I really don't tell Rae that I ship her with my OC or BeastBoy. This also goes along with the other characters unless if they ask about the topic. 
  • Similiraties and Differences
    • Similarities: Always wears the "leave-me-alone-because-I-don't-wanna-interact" face, likes pizza, likes waffles, likes tea (sometimes), wants to be alone for weird reasons, bookworm, throwing witty remarks at stupid people, likes hoods as aesthetics, have a small group of friends, likes black unless you watched a horror movie and start seeing things that weren't supposed to be existing, using excuses such as "I'm tired so I'll just go home now", sucks at cooking medium meals (lunch and dinner), sarcastic as hell, 100% done with ignorant people, multilingual (I'm almost there), likes board games, easily angered by some people's idiocy, has a "second family" (Mine is here in the internet while she has her friends by her side
    • Differences: Me: I'm not superhero // R: a superhero with incredible mind powers, Me: Playing video games can make you smarter // R: Video games are for dumb people, Me: I rarely meditate // R: always meditates, Me: Always smiling // R: rarely smiles, Me: i'm kinda fat and punching a wall is freaking painful tf // R: probably slim but can kick your butt, Me: tries to hide from raging people but ultimately fails // R: just hide with her powers or something, Me: doesn't encounter aliens yet // R: definitely encountered them, Me: lives in an ol' boring house with two floors // R: lives in T-shaped tower on its own island

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Sans (Undertale)Edit

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Starfire (Teen Titans)Edit

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Steven Quartz Universe (Steven Universe)Edit

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Sylvia (Wander Over Yonder)Edit

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Toothless (How to train your dragon)Edit

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Undyne (Undertale)Edit

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Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck-it Ralph)Edit

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Wander (Wander Over Yonder)Edit

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Wreck-it Raplh (Wreck-it Ralph)Edit

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Yuuki Konno (Sword Art Online)Edit

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Zeno (Akatsuki no Yona)Edit

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Need I say more?


Note: Not in alphabetical or any sort of order. That's all you need to know about this.

Mio Akiyama (K-On!):Edit


Much love to my waifu!

The girl that I love. Surely the person whom will always make me happy even in my most depressing and even hopeless times in my life. Mio's had and will always have a special place in, not only in my heart, but in my entire life and through everything, beginning to end and to the new beginning... with the high hope of finally meeting her in reality in the next world and convey what I feel for her in this world to where I will soon meet her.

Her voice is amazing, especially her songs, especially one in particular that will always make me extremely excited, happy and even to the point of making me "fan girl" because of how beautiful it is. It's no denying that she is the girl that I love and the one I feel head over heels for, at which I regret nothing of. My feelings for her are strong and unbreakable, that I honestly don't care that she is just a fictional character, regardless of how many times people remind me of this one surrounding fact about her; one that keeps me and her apart. I don't care. So long as what I feel for her is real, so long as it stays true and I still have it within me, I can happily ignore everyone else and just focus my attention solely to her, because I say this without hesitation, even in real life if I'm asked to say it as well, and I state this without regret and even announce this without fear. I'm in love with her.

I love her.

This feeling that I have for her will remain forever, on to the many worlds that I may go to once my time here has passed. Hoping that what I feel for her is still carried over to my next incarnations. Hopefully, I can meet her for real in the future.

Mayuri (Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement):Edit


Much love to my angel

The second girl that I love.

I honestly did not realize that I've fallen for her as well until back in March 27, 2016 from a dream at which I created a page about it, which is based from and inspired from that exact dream experience which I will never forget. Originally, I just found Mayuri as a very cute and interesting character in the Date A Live series, specifically her debut during the series' first movie back in August 2015.

That is until that one specific dream that I had, where she was in it. I did literally wake up all of a sudden and the first thing I did was hopelessly cry after that dream, but decided to try whatever possible to meet her again in the dream world. Apart from Mio, no other character has ever managed to reach out to my heart so deep that I actually cried in complete hopelessness and sadness, but later grew resolve from it as a result too, with the objective of meeting her again and at least talk to her in the dream world.

She is the second girl that I love, but now that I'm thinking about it, I consider her as my number one, alongside Mio, since I would rather treat both of them as equals rather than seeing one of them being above the other while the other is below, which I honestly hate doing.

Like with Mio, I don't care about what people may say about what I feel for her. Call it foolish, but that is on you for trying to screw with someone else's emotions and business that you are not even meant to be involved in or even have any concerns for.

I love her along with Mio!

Sora (No Game, No Life):Edit


I can pretty much relate to Sora in a few ways that I can describe for now.

Those would be the fact that, like him, I am a gamer that I sometimes stay up pass even 12 AM until either 3 or 4 AM, and even not sleeping because of being in front of a computer. I can relate to how he sees life as a "crap game", because in all honesty, without needing any stupid debate from someone retarded out there, life is really a "crap game" in my perspective, and like what he wants, I would rather live in a world that isn't the world that I currently live in. I share his hatred for life itself, along with his step sister, Shiro.

I can also relate to his cunning behavior; unknown to some, I'm quite cunning when it comes down to it when I have to. ONLY when I have to be. That's something I don't want to disclose for now. Sora's personality about life, gaming and even winning a game before it even started is what I relate to him about. Instead of a game, I win argument before it even started, especially when someone points out a contradiction that will already prove them to be wrong.

As the series is entitled as, "No Game... No life...".

Isla (Plastic Memories):Edit


Feels... just... feels...

If there is one thing that I've learned from Isla and watching Plastic Memories it's that is, if you only have a short amount of time left in living, at least until your memory is erased and you are put away from the rest of the world until you are activated once again, it is best that you spend it with the most worthwhile of things that you can and believe that is worth spending your last remaining moments on.

Isla showed me that, even in her last 2000 hours left of retaining her memory drive and being active, before being deactivated and her memory drive being erased to ensure her safety, while it is a sad fate to be on, you shouldn't dwell on such a thing from keeping you from who you are right now and just keep going before your time runs out. Push for it, do whatever you can left and spend it with the person whose come to care and love you for who you are.

In Isla's case, it was coping with her break up with her former partner, her last remaining hours in being active, thinking of what she can do left while living under such a miserable path until being comforted by a person who wants your last remaining moments to be filled with fond memories and experience both happiness once again, and even love for the first time...

Even though Isla is now deactivated and her memory drive erased, the memories she made and shared with her friends before that event will live on, and so will her inside the person whose heart she managed to touch and the one to being her back and make her final moments filled with joy, Tsukasa.

Raishin Akabane (Unbreakable Machine-Doll):Edit

Akabane raishin 9830

Raishin honestly displays another part of myself, and that would be his stubborn behavior.

Well, his stubborness can actually be viewed as being on the moral of good, since he will risk himself in helping the people he has come to know as his friends and companions (Yaya, Charlotte, Loki and Frey), regardless of the danger that he may put himself, and Yaya, in, he will still put himself in danger just to help out and at least protect the people close to him.

Raishi and I are both "stupid", because both of us will still keep on fighting, even when we're both at our breaking point and even at our critical condition, we won't back down until the very end, be it the result that we win or lose.

He just displays my stubborness when it comes to never giving up.

Itami Youji (GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There):Edit

58e907567a4714b76be8985e9e03e243c1ca12bf hq

Never knew being in the military would be fun

I have nothing much to say about Itami, but I guess I do have a couple of things to say about how much he's shown me about life.

Regardless if you're in the military and you're an otaku at the same time, finding time for both work and your hobby while doing the best that you can in supporting yourself and the people that need you is one of the things Itami showed me. Along with his courageous behavior in ensuring that the people beyond the mysterious gate and the people of Japan live in peace without trouble, he's displayed that all he wants is harmony in life, while also still doing his job and continuing his hobby.

He is earnest, that's what I can say about him. Thanks to him, I can honestly try to find a way to do the same in the future soon.

Rikka Takanashi (Love, Chuunibyou and Other Delusions!):Edit


"For those who refuse to grow up, and for those who did..."

Rikka's taught me one thing that I carry right to this day and even with me toward the coming days to follow next, and that is to just be yourself. Just being who you are deep down inside without hesitation or fear of what people may see or think of you as.

Rikka may have "chuunibyou" (8th Grade Syndrome), but she is already aware that she does have it and can actually act normal when asked to, but she prefers being herself because... she is just being herself. Her "chuunibyou" self. Which in all honesty isn't that bad. She has even managed to, at least on a certain degree, brought back Yuta's joy in having chuunibyou, something that he decided to heavily push away for the sake of starting a new high school life.

Rikka is technically one of the several characters that I know who is close to being similar to me in reality and at least displaying a part of myself that I once was forced to bury deep down but now strongly show around; being who I am truly.

She has my gratitude for making me able to realize my fault in myself and letting me break free of my chains and being myself again.

Kazuma Satou (KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!):Edit

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Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live):Edit

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Hayate Ayasaki (Hayate The Combat Butler!):Edit

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Ellis (Left 4 Dead 2):Edit

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Azusa Nakano (K-On!):Edit

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Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead):Edit

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John "Soap" MacTavish (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3):Edit

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Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead):Edit

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Bob/DF/Whatever Edit

Call me what you want. I dunno even anymore.

Yukitsuki Asaka (Fragment's Note series) Edit

tba... you know what's coming

Dosu Kinuta (Naruto) Edit

(Image tba)

Now there are some people that call me a "Minor Character Enthusiast". That's because I have a soft spot for minor characters with wasted potential.

One such character is Dosu Kinuta, a minor Naruto villain who could've been so much more, but was given a premature (and somewhat unfair) death. I've written essays and debate cases on Dosu and why he should be given more acknowledgement as a character. I've fiercely argued with Naruto game developers in attempts to add him as playable in their games.

Now when I first read through the Naruto manga there were a few characters that really stood out for me, and no other stood out more than Dosu. He is a stunning example of a complex and well-thought-out minor character, who, despite his limited screen time, still managed to leave a huge impact on me.

I actually first noticed Dosu because he looks like a mummy. Which kinda reminds me of myself, since there were times in the past when I had such a low outlook on my physical appearance (before I just stopped caring) that I seriously considered wrapping my face in bandages or a paper bag or something like that.

But anyways.

Another major thing made Dosu stand out beside the fact that he was just plain cool (I mean, come on... you can't deny that the ability to figure out what people are writing by listening to their pencil scratches isn't awesome) is the fact that he's NOT like his teammates; he's not a cliche villain only focused on beating up or killing the heroes. Unlike his teammates Kin and Zaku, who are brash, overconfident, and somewhat self-centered, Dosu honestly and sincerely cared about his team despite not really knowing them that well, and even swore to enact revenge when Shino made Zaku blow his own arms clean off.

Yet there is one other aspect that really makes Dosu shine as a character: his own willingness to take control of his life instead of being just another servant of the villain. Once he deduces that he and his team are considered expendable, Dosu immediately loses all respect for his former "master" and attempts to prove to him that he really isn't a puppet or slave, for both his sake and that of his teammates. I honestly really respect this, especially when the aforementioned master is a legendary figure of extreme renown in their village who could probably instantly kill him on the spot.


Brad Armstrong (LISA: The Painful) Edit

Content warning: LISA is a game filled with some pretty heavy themes – things like depression, drug use and addiction, and abuse. You've been warned. (Also, if any of the admins want me to remove this for this reason I'd be happy to, just shoot me a message)


Terry Hintz (LISA: The Painful) Edit

Terry Hintz

Terry attacks!flop 0 damage

"Brad... I've been a loser my whole life. Being around you has made me feel strong for once. Like a man... The first day we ever met was the best day of my life... Even before the world changed. Maybe you don't feel the same way... but you're my best friend dude. It's just this... Brad, this is our future you're messing with... I'm sorry. We can't let you do this."

Class: Hint Lord

Terry isn't my 100% favorite character from LISA: The Painful, but he's the one who left the most permanent impact.

Terry is first set up to be your average annoying "this is how you play the game! this is how you save! this is how you jump!" type of character. He joins your party and he's absolutely useless as a fighter. So why keep him around, right? After all, this is the LISAverse. The world is brutal and all he'll do is steal EXP from your more useful party members. In fact, soon after the two of you get captured, and the guy holding you hostage gives you a choice on what to keep: Terry's life, or all of your inventory.

The thing with Terry is – and what I admire about LISA, gameplay wise – is that by giving you a millstone character and then promptly putting his life in danger, LISA is forcing you to make a moral choice. Do you keep this useless guy around, in exchange for all of your belongings? Or do you trade him off to the guys who just captured you?

I kept Terry around, and in return he hit me right in the heart with the feels. This guy always tries his best for you, even though he sucks, and it's always a little brightening to see him dance around and flop down on the various thugs and random guys who attack me. His whole backstory, long story short, is that he was a depressed, lonely loser whose life was completely changed around by meeting Brad. In fact, it's heavily implied (though not necessarily stated of course) that he was contemplating suicide right before Brad ran into him, and all it took to get him to rethink things was Brad showing up and talking to him.

He showed me the power of a bond – the power and potential that extending a hand of friendship could reach.

Wolf (Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon series) Edit


Wolf's appearance in the Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher) TCG.

"I should never have forgotten. The words of Coyote himself... But, to tell me that time has come... That we must... That we must defeat Coyote..."

Class: Horseman

Weapon: Bow

Fire Emblem characters usually aren't known for being particularly complex or deep. Most of them are either gimmicky or tragic, with quick backstories that get discovered through their conversations with their squadmates. In Wolf's case, he didn't even get a backstory or even a personalit for a long time as he was from the first game, Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, where the writing was really minimalistic and practically nobody had a backstory. He was just the leader of his own squad, the Wolfguard, along with his fellow plainsdwellers Roshea, Vyland, and his assistant Sedgar. That's pretty much it, until the remake came out and they gave him some character details.

Though Wolf is cold and somewhat harsh, he does have one aspect he shares with me: sentimentality and a tendency to get hit by nostalgia. He often thinks about his homeland and the past, and presumably gets nostalgic in private.

Nevertheless, Wolf possesses something that I highly admire: dedication. He holds the utmost loyalty to his lord, Lord Hardin (also known by his moniker Coyote), since Hardin was the one who originally freed Wolf and his fellow plainsdwellers from slavery. In the original Mystery of the Emblem, Wolf refuses to turn on Hardin until the bitter end, and most likely gets killed by the player while defending his liege. In New Mystery of the Emblem, the remake, he is recruitable through a long and difficult chain of conversations involving his Wolfguard subordinates.

Yet Wolf's story also acts as a cautionary tale, warning against an overdose of dedication and the resulting purposeful blindness. At his core, Wolf knows that Hardin has is no longer the same man who freed him all those years ago. He knows that Hardin has changed for the worse, yet he is unable to accept it and refuses to believe it.

Balance is best, I guess...