Catalina in GTA III


Catalina in GTA SA

"When I say "Just business", I mean that I love you! When I say I no interested no more, I mean that I long for you! And when I say that I missed you-!"

Catalina is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto III, and a main character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Catalina was the girlfriend of Carl Johnson in 1992, but dumped him and went to Claude. The two went on a nine-year crime spree together after GTA San Andreas, robbing banks in several American states, including Texas and New Mexico. By October 2001, the duo reach Liberty City (which was their destination since 1992), but Catalina kills their unnamed accomplice and shoots Claude, leaving him for dead. She ends their nine-year relationship by explaining that he is just 'small time'. Catalina, with her partner Miguel, continue to rise up to power in Liberty City, producing the drug SPANK and even attacking Salvatore Leone's family. By the end of the game, Catalina has killed Miguel and Asuka Kasen to kidnap Maria Latore, the new lover of Claude. Catalina demands $500,000 from Claude in exchange for not having Maria killed. Claude brings Catalina the money, only to find out Catalina had set up an ambush to try and kill Claude. Claude manages to kill Catalina's goons, rescue Maria, and finally kill Catalina in her helicopter. Claude may have even killed Maria during the credits.


  • Catalina inspired Joel Gonzales' character, as they betray their friends to increase their power. Dimitri Rascalov also shares this trait with Catalina.

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