Carol Wilson is a minor character in Sibling Rivalries and Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter.

She is the wife of Louis Wilson, and is the mother of Samantha Wilson, Adrian Wilson, and Troy Wilson.

After her brother in-law Hector Wilson married Maureen McReary, she and Louis invited the McReary-Wilson Family over to their house to meet them. Louis and Carol, however, appear less often in the series than their three children.


Carol wears a sweater with the words "House Mom" and a picture of a house with a heart inside of it on the sweater. She wears her hair in a bun. Like other characters, she has basic pants and shoes.


Sibling Rivalries Pre-Series


Sibling Rivalries Main Series

Total Number of Series Appearances: 3/46

Sibling Rivalries The Next Chapter



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