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Carlos Garcia Ventura is a main character in Turner's Second Chance, and the protagonist of San Francisco Underground.


As an orphan, Carlos was taken under the control of a sweet lady named Eunice Escobar at a very young age. Carlos grew up with Eunice's grandson Joseph Escobar, who he saw as a brother to him. The two grew up in a ghetto neighborhood, but they were protected from the violence by Eunice. The two were very smart kids, doing very good in school and making Eunice proud. However, prior to 2010, the old Eunice began to suffer from Alzheimer's disease, and began to lose her mind, often forgetting about Carlos and Joseph, eventually beginning to not care about them as she used to. Without the help of their grandmother, Carlos and Joseph became more and more vulnerable to the ghetto life, eventually getting sucked into it completely, leaving their past life behind and becoming carless juvenile delinquents.

By the early 2010's, they became teenage delinquents and they formed their own gang, the Escobar Gang (with Joseph being the leader and Carlos as second in command). They recruited some of their closest friends in the neighborhood, and together they all enjoyed causing havoc and committing crimes, such as robbing stores. In their free time, they enjoy smoking marijuana and drinking beer, relaxing in Carlos's basement. None of them have adults in their life that care, so they often hang out and do whatever all the time. In school, they cause trouble as well and they do not focus on their work.

Events of San Francisco Underground (2013)Edit

In 2013, the Escobar Gang are sophomores and juniors in high school, but they often ditch school to hang out and do other activities. While Joseph and Carlos are still the leaders of the small gang, their gang is starting to become less powerful when they lose most of their members, who either leave the life of crime or become affiliated with other gangs in the area. By 2013, there are only four members left; Joseph, Carlos, Nick Vargas, and Alfonso Cortez. These four members are very close to each other, with the exception of Alfonso, which the three other members are suspicious about.

In autumn this year, Joseph hears of a shipment of marijuana coming to San Fransisco by boat, from South America. The marijuana is being delivered to the Jackson Street Boys, an Asian-American gang situated in Chinatown. Joseph decides his gang should somehow deal the marijuana for themselves; if they do so, then the gang could have a year's supply of weed all to themselves.

The gang goes to the docks in San Francisco early in the morning when the weed is first being delivered, long before the Jackson Street Boys are supposed to meet to receive the shipment. They successfully steal the weed, but they are caught when the police shows up for reports of illegally smuggled drugs. Joseph is caught and is taken down, while Carlos and the rest escape. Following this, Joseph is incarcerated, leaving the gang without a leader.

Carlos and Nick are left as the only members of the group, with Joseph in juvenile detention and Alfonso who has mysteriously disappeared. Carlos wants to free Joseph out of jail, so he and Nick go out on a mission to gain enough money to bail out their leader. Inbetween everything, Carlos must deal with their rivals who want to defeat the gang while they are powerless, as well as finding Alfonso, who he finds out has actually ratted the gang out and has been working with the police behind their backs.


After the events of San Francisco Underground, Carlos and Joseph are left as the only members of the Escobar Gang, with Alfonso betraying the gang and being defeated, and Nick committing suicide after a long battle with depression. They boys decide to leave their lives as a juvenile delinquent behind, thus disbanding the Escobar Gang. Carlos gets Joseph to join him in a mission to reform and change their ways. Eventually, they attend a reform school after being helped out by local police officer Michael Smith. They learn a lot at this school and eventually they were released, ready to start a new life as normal people.

Carlos and Joseph eventually pass high school and, by 2016, are attending college, where they make several intelligent friends who are actually positive influences on them. The boys currently live with Joseph's uncle Stuart, who came to San Francisco to take care of them after Nana Eunice peacefully passed away in her sleep.

Sometime during 2014 and 2016, the boys also befriended Jordan Haines.

Events of Turner's Second Chance (2016)Edit

In March 2016, Carlos and Joseph meet Chris Turner and his cousin Hunter Prince after Jordan recommended they go see him, as they may be able to help the boys after they are left jobless.

Stuart runs a local diner in downtown San Francisco, where Carlos and Joseph work at as cashier and cook, respectively. Stuart offers the boys jobs helping out, such as being the waiter or the janitor. They accept this job and they happily help out. They are then paid well.

Carlos makes several more appearances in the story after the cousins work for them for the first week. He is seen visiting Leonardo Monteiro, a friend of his, but despises his troublemaking lifestyle, learning from his and then telling him he should give it up. Carlos also calls Chris after they meet Alexander Thompson, warning him that he is dangerous and they should be careful around him. Following Thompson's arrest, he calls again thanking Chris for getting rid of him as he was no good anyway.

Carlos and Joseph also host the party for Chris at their cafe near the end of the story, thanking him for his work. In both endings, Chris remains on good terms with them, continuing to offer his services to them occasionally, and then receiving protection from them in return.

Chapter AppearancesEdit

Turner's Second Chance
Ending A
Ending B
San Francisco Underground

As the protagonist, he appears in all chapters.


  • Of the other protagonists in the GTA Nerd Comic Universe, Carlos is the only one to actually be an anti-villain, being more akin to that of a GTA protagonist due to his background as a teenage delinquent and a troublemaker.
  • Carlos is similar to Toni Cipriani in that both first appear as main characters in the original project (TSC and GTA III, respectively), and then having their own story released later on (SFU and GTA Liberty City Stories, respectively), coincidentally both being set three years before the main project.
    • Carlos is also similar to Carl Johnson, since both are in a gang (the Escobar Gang and the Grove Street Families, respectively), and are second in command, with their brothers (Carlos's surrogate brother Joseph Escobar and Carl's biological brother Sweet Johnson, respectively) being the leader. When the leaders are incarcerated during the storyline, Carlos and Carl will do anything they can to free their brother.
      • Also, both Carlos and Carl live in San Francisco, or at least a variation of the city. Note that San Fierro (the GTA equivalent) isn't Carl's main home, it is just one of the many places in San Andreas that he resides in during his journey across the state.
  • Carlos is the only human protagonist that is capable of driving, as the others are not yet old enough (although Chris Turner is pretty close).
    • However, during the events of SFU, Carlos drives illegally, and it isn't until 2014-2016 where he does receive a driver's license.
  • In a similar fashion to Chris Turner, Carlos grew up in a ghetto neighborhood as well. However unlike Chris who avoided teenage delinquents at all cost, Carlos was easily influenced by it and he became one as well.
  • Carlos is the second orphan in the GTA Nerd Comic Universe after Armando Vasquez (although he is the third if the scrapped character Azriel is included). He and Cletus are also the only protagonists to never have a parent appear (although being a robot, Cletus cannot have any "parents" anyway).
  • Carlos is the only GTA Nerd Comic Universe protagonist to not have a love interest.


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