Canal Boys was a sitcom featured on Zephyr that followed the misadventures of modern day hippies Cash and Randy as they blundered their way through life in a haze of nostalgia for the hippy era. Inheriting a hippy lifestyle from aging hippy parents the pair live in a retro-decorated apartment on the banks of the Los Santos Canal. Each episodes follows the pair and their misguided attempts to 'enlighten' the society they believe has 'lost the love'. They host 'free love' party sessions, spiritual awakenings and generally refuse to let go of the 'Summer of Love'. The pairs' hilarious antics and unintentional deeds land them in trouble numerous times but they somehow manage to make everything all right. Canal Boys paints a picture of a bygone era clashing with modern society in amusing, troublesome and on some occasions fortunate ways.

Cash and Randy's real names are hinted at every so often but never outright revealed with the pair preferring to use their 'true names'. In the first episode Randy invests his savings in a Surfer van to bring them closer to their 'righteous brothers of the past'. Cash and Randy are seen doing odd jobs to earn money to 'live off the land man'. They are shown to be slightly dim-witted but good natured young men with a genuine love for their fellow man.

Cast Edit

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • Episode 1 - "Van, Sweet Van"
  • Episode 2 - "Live Well, My Brother"
  • Episode 3 - "A Song of Green"
  • Episode 4 - "Moonsong Cherie"
  • Episode 5 - "Where's The Love Gone?"
  • Episode 6 - "Dance Among The Trees"
  • Episode 7 - "Music Of The Wild"
  • Episode 8 - "Summer Of Love"
  • Episode 9 - "Randy's Journey"
  • Episode 10 - "Oh Chiliad Fair"

Season 2 Edit

  • Episode 1 - "Sweet Flower Girl"
  • Episode 2 - "Power Of Love"
  • Episode 3 - "Green Mist"
  • Episode 4 - "Ode To Randy"
  • Episode 5 - "Thin Blue Line"
  • Episode 6 - "Trouble In Paradise"
  • Episode 7 - "Peace, Love And Happiness"
  • Episode 8 - "Road Trip"
  • Episode 9 - "Living Free, Man"
  • Episode 10 - "You Can't Chain Me"

Season 3 Edit

  • Episode 1 - "Lovin' The Haze"
  • Episode 2 - "Bringing The Love"
  • Episode 3 - "Let Me Be Me"
  • Episode 4 - "Live Long Love Long"
  • Episode 5 - "Green Power"
  • Episode 6 - "Stick It To The Man"
  • Episode 7 - "Fight The Power"
  • Episode 8 - "Harsh Dude"
  • Episode 9 - "Tree Brother"
  • Episode 10 - "Earth-Fest"


  • The show failed to attract a lasting audience with viewer numbers never reaching the number needed to keep it on air. By the end of its second season Canal Boys had earned the dubious distinction of having the lowest ratings ever seen on WCN. A review board came to the conclusion that the hippy theme had lost its popularity with modern viewers and Canal Boys was cancelled. 
  • However, the show survives in DVD form with all three completed seasons available for purchase from selected stores. It is also available on popular video streaming websites.

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