Bullworth Skatepark is an indoor skatepark in Bullworth, New Langdon. Located in Winslow Acres it was once a public railway station servicing freight and passenger trains on the Bullworth-Penacook Railroad. However, the station was abandoned in 1945 after the closure of the inter-city railway route and soon fell into disrepair. Decades of disuse took a heavy toll on the structure with vandals causing extensive interior and exterior damage.

In 1986 the City of Bullworth bought the rundown station and developed it into a public space oriented at youth. In order to combat growing youth delinquency the city turned the former railway station into a disco and social hot spot designed to keep youth entertained in a semi-supervised setting. By 1991 it had been redeveloped into a skatepark and BMX park to entertain the newer generation of youth delinquents. At the end of the nineties the skatepark fell into disuse and suffered vandalism with an ever growing amount of graffiti scrawled across it.

The skatepark received a major upgrade in 2009 to develop it into a modern skate facility. A number of flat banks and kicker-ramps, a halfpipe, a halfpipe with a spine, a quarterpipe and and a bowl were specially constructed for the skatepark. A social "hang out" area and a sound system were added for the enjoyment of tskatepark's patrons. It has become highly popular with high school students and teenage delinquents since its official opening.

Skatepark Sponsors Edit

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