Bullworth Inquirer
Bullworth Inquirer
Name: Bullworth Inquirer
Tagline(s): "Local people, local stories"
Type: Newspaper
Founded: 1885 (as Daily Post)

1898 (as Bullworth Inquirer)

Locations: Bullworth, New Langdon
Refers to: The Portsmouth Herald

The Bullworth Inquirer is a newspaper in Bullworth in the GTA Expanded Universe. It serves the city itself as well as the semi-incorporated town of Woodbury on a seven-day daily basis. It's circulation has grown due to the introduction of controversial and sensational topics that appeal to younger readers.

It is one of the state's oldest newspapers operating on a continuous basis since 1885. Initially called the Daily Post it adopted its current name in 1898 selling at the price of three cents per issue.

Description Edit

The newspaper operates a corporate headquarters and printing facility in a brownstone office building in downtown Bullworth. It is distributed to all houses in the city on a subscription basis as well as bulk orders to retailers. Originally one of three newspapers serving the city it bought out its competitors to dominate the city's newspaper industry. It is based on the The Portsmouth Herald.

Printed copies of the newspaper are available from vending machines and newsstands across the city for a small fee. Several commercial retailers also stock printed copies of the Bullworth Inquirer under a supply contract. The newspaper does not have an online edition instead preferring its long-lived printed format focusing on local interest stories and national news.

Reporters Edit

  • Graham Wallace, news reporter
  • Joshua Simons, sports reporter
  • Anna Richardson, local interest

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