"Bullworth is a slice of the real America. A small city with a big heart and a proud colonial history. Home to frriendly locals and coastal living at its finest."
―Bullworth tourist brochure
Bullworth is a small port city in northern New Langdon. It is featured in the GTA Expanded Universe as a prominent setting. It is set to appear in the planned Untold Stories: Bullworth. It originally appeared in its original 3D-era GTA Universe form in Bully. Along with Los Santos and Liberty City it is one of three 3D-era main settings to reappear in the HD-era.


Description Edit

Bullworth is a small coastal city in eastern Pierce County, New Langdon. It is situated at the mouth of the Abenaki River on the banks of Jefferson Bay which links the city with the Atlantic Ocean. The city has a long history of maritime activity with the ocean playing a central part in the lives of residents. It hosts the Bullworth Naval Shipyard on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean which serves as a repair base for the US Navy's nuclear submarines.

Bullworth is fairly well balanced in socioeconomic terms with each income level tending to live in specific areas of the city. The very wealthiest residents live in eastern Bullworth in the prestigious Jefferson Island community.


Geography Edit

Bullworth is divided into five geographical districts and neighborhoods. It is divided by the small towns of Woodbury in the northwest and Walton in the east. Though they are widely considered to be part of the Bullworth Metropolitan Area neither town has been officially incorporated into Bullworth.

Downtown Bullworth (City Center) Edit

Downtown is the financial and commercial center of Bullworth and its most heavily urbanised area. It hosts the cities tallest buildings including the Spencer Shipping Building, the MetroBank Building and the Von Crastenburg Park Inn. It is divided into the neighborhoods of Downtown and Port Bullworth.

Franklin Heights (Atlantic Heights) Edit

A mid-sized district on the northern city limits. It is a residential and recreational neighborhood known for its views of the Bullworth Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a combined middle-class and working-class neighborhood with residents predominantly being of Caucasian ethnicity. It is classed as its own neighborhood and functions as one of the most income diverse areas in the city with financially stable residents living near low income residents. It is also

West Bullworth Edit

A large district on the western city limits. It is a mixed suburban and rural neighborhood with farmland in the west giving way to residential neighborhoods in the east. It is a incorporates both working-class and middle-class residents with widely varying income levels. Houses in this primarily residential area are a mixture of two-story and single-story houses. It is made up of the neighborhoods of Sherburne, Winslow Acres and Tilton Park.

East Bullworth Edit

A large district on the eastern city limits that is generally considered to be part of South Bullworth. It is made up of the affluent neighborhood of Wyman. Houses in this affluent residential neighborhood are a mixture of single-story townhouses, large two-story townhouses and mini-mansions. It is frequently considered to be an eastern extension of South Bullworth with many similarities between the districts.

South Bullworth Edit



Trivia Edit

  • Bullworth was created by Rockstar Games to serve as the game world for Bully. In this original form it exists in the 3D Universe and has been confirmed to exist in the same universe as the Grand Theft Auto series. Rockstar Games retains all legal rights to Bullworth, this page exists as a work of fan-fiction intended to recreate the town in the Grand Theft Auto HD Universe in the way that Rockstar recreated Los Santos for GTA V.

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