"This group has given my life meaning again! I'm not EVER giving up on it! I'll do whatever it takes to keep us humming along smoothly like a speed train, and if it costs a few lives, SO BE IT!"
―Brick being asked about his criminal record. (shortly before he escaped)

Brick Puckett is a monster rights activist and a member of the infamous B.E.A.S.T organization. Brick has been proven to be clinically insane and homicidal, so much so that he has been tasked with assassinating monster hoarding companys' CEOs.


Early LifeEdit

Brick Pucket was born on April 11th, 1989 and for the most of his childhood was actually very decent and normal. He interacted well with the other children at preschool. However, when he started watching the Ren and Stimpy show at a very young age, his parents expressed concern. As it turned out they were right as this started a turning point in his life. Middle School was very rough for him socially due to his exposure to more inappropriate cartoons and by the time he entered High School he was very paranoid of his classmates, delusionally thinking that they'd come after him and do things to him that he'd seen on the television.

His solution? Get them first.

The result of this was that he was expelled from his school about halfway into the year for physical violence, harassment, and even a case of arson. He could not get a job as he grew older and eventually became homeless.

Joining the CauseEdit

One day, Brick was just barely surviving life always. His breakfast was a rotten turkey leg and he was currently drinking what was left of a Gatorade bottle, feeling miserable and ready to just give up on life and accept his fate of perishing on the streets. Then, he saw a protest. It was a B.E.A.S.T group protest. He picked up his bottle and joined the crowd shouting at the top of his lungs "FREE THE BEASTS! FREE-EE THE BEASTS!" This was a very unexpected surprise, but what was even more unexpected was that it worked. The company the organization was going up against closed its doors for the final time the next day and Brick was immediatly initiated into the group. Brick felt a revitalization, like everything bad that had happened to him just pushed him closer to his happy destiny here. Brick was ready to thank these people any way he could, even if it meant homicide. ESPECIALLY if it meant homicide.

More later

Note from the AuthorEdit

I've decided to pay homage to Invader Zim, my favorite cartoon, by creating a character and making him as dark as possible as an expirament. This was just here in case you thought I was going cuckoo or something. Know what, nevermind, I'm already cuckoo.

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