The Bonus Episodes were a series of short chapters written by Darkfire545 after completing A Different Perspective. Many of these are short stories in the perspective of certain characters.

List of Episodes Edit

Bonus 1: The Tsundere - Several years after graduation, Mikiya decides to propose to Eri.

Bonus 2: The Girl - After many years of searching, Yukiha and Mischa finally re-discover the current timeline's Miu.

Bonus 3: The Pretty Boy - A peek into the jumbled mind of Sherman.

Bonus 4: The Shipping - Bobby's first New Year's in Japan leads to him getting fed up with the endless teasing, causing him to run off on his own.

Bonus 5: The Reunion - Yukiha and Mischa finally get married, and many of the characters reunite for the first time in a while.

Bonus 6: The Cool, Calm Exterior - Kyoichi and Shizuku have a chat before their marriage ceremony starts.

Bonus 7: A Way Forwards (Alternate) - A possible alternate ending for the story.

Bonus 8: The Pseudonym - A chapter from the perspective of the NightWolves, showing how Sherman convinced Fiyuri to donate an organ.

Bonus T: Emotions and Logic - A chapter written for Valentine's Day 2017.

Bonus V: 0% APR - Bobby fesses up, admitting that the entire storyline was actually just a story written by him. This chapter is the transition between the original story and the reboot.

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