Bobby Topalis is the protagonist of Fragment's Note: A Different Perspective and the unnamed reboot. He transfers to Japan alongside Mischa, which catalyzes the story.

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  • "Each of us is the protagonist of our own story, and each story intertwines with countless others in a strange yet satisfying crossover." (Act I, Chapter 1)
  • "I bet my face is really freaking red right now." (inner thoughts, Act I, Chapter 3)
  • "I was just a supporting character with his own little subplot." (inner thoughts, Act I, Chapter 8)
  • "I’m going to say this now. NONE of what you thought happened between us actually happened." (Act II, Chapter 2)
  • "This sounds like something out of a romantic comedy anime…" (inner thoughts, Act II, Chapter 7)
  • "I… uh… um… I’m trying to find a quote to put here, but I can’t think of anything whatsoever." (inner thoughts, Act II, Chapter 7)
  • "Why am I getting these suggestive vibes from what she’s saying? No, no... can’t think about that...don’t be Sherman…" (inner thoughts, Act II, Chapter 10)
  • “T-that’s uh...totally okay. I’ That you’re here.” (Act II, Chapter 10)
  • "And, after I die, I won’t matter anyway. I’m just a supporting character, after all." (inner thoughts, Act II, Chapter 12)
  • "I wish it was all a lie, but it’s the reality. If it were just a story - a novel that I could craft and sculpt - I could just remove it with a plot twist, or even a deus ex machina if I was really desperate. But this is reality." (inner thoughts, Act II, Chapter 17)
  • "She’s constantly re-opening that wound while trying to help me. Somehow, it always ends up like this, and it makes me feel like I’m burdening her, bringing her more pain unintentionally. I suddenly want to slap myself. Why am I such an imbecile? Why am I so blinded that I don’t notice these simple things? Why does she always have to resort with mentioning Miu for me to actually listen? Why?" (inner thoughts, Act II, Chapter 17)
  • "I can’t accept that. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone." (Act II, Chapter 18)
  • "It’s kind of a relief to rediscover my feelings... Yukitsuki… I still…" (inner thoughts, Act II, Chapter 24)
  • "Instead of hatred and bitterness, it’s a torrent of joy and bliss and happiness… happiness that I hadn’t seen since last year… happiness that I had forgotten I possessed until recently." (inner thoughts, Act II, Chapter 24)
  • "Oh my god… I swear to freaking god, this kind of thing only happens in romantic comedy animes. I’m so done. I’m so freaking done." (Act II, Chapter 27)
  • "I don’t have the energy left to cook, and I’m too tired to go out and grab something. The only option left is… Akihisa-style Cup Noodles." (Act II, Chapter 28)
  • "I really shouldn’t be describing this right now. So I’m gonna stop and skip to about ten or so seconds later." (tapping against the fourth wall, Act II, Chapter 29)
  • "I knew it. This is a rom-com after all. My life is a rom-com after all, and the gods of rom-com are clearly not on my side here. Why else would this have happened?" (inner monologue, Act II, Chapter 30)

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