Blazing Bullets is a story written and created by Red Tiger.

The story will center around a girl named Ava Beretta, a girl who lives in the Badlands of the city known as Neon Blaze as a war between the Gun Blazers and the Magical Rings occur.


In this world, the lives of humanity have been reduced to a desparate cesspool to survive. It is not against the monsters of this world, or the catastrophes that continue to ruin this once beautiful world.

The desperate fight for survival... is the humans against each other.

"In this world... only those with the power to survive... the strongest who can endure... and the desperate will to fend for themselves... can continue their fight against each other in this world". Those are said to be what it takes to live in this world... if you want to live in this world... it was not like this years ago. Before this, the whole world was peaceful, green and beautiful. It was a world where the lives of many could go out with their days, spend it and end it without worry behind them. However... a war broke out between the two factions that used to protect and govern this world --- The Gun Blazers and The Magical Rings --- over an almighty star, the Eve's Heart, a star that centuries ago had crashed down to our world.

The Collapse War... it is the war that destroyed this world... but still left it standing long enough to have those who survived... continue the endless violence... and watch the world continue to crumble... slowly...

From the top of my homeland, the Badlands, I promise this to myself: "I'm a 13-years old girl. My name is Ava Beretta. I want to make this world a better place. I understand the cruelties and mercilessness of this world. But... I will try my best... to show that hope... still lingers...".

This is my chance. This is my desire. This is my choice. This is my life. And this... is my story...!



Main Characters:Edit

  • Ava Beretta - The main protagonist. A cheery 13-year-old girl who lives in the urban district of the Badlands. Ava is a young girl who was born just at the very end of the disastrous "Collapse War". She looks up to the vigilante "Rei Aginera" and wishes to be someone like her.
  • Riley Riverford - Ava's close friend and a member of the Low Rebellion. Riley is a Gun Blazer recruit whose main weapon is a Carbine. She is 14-years old. Riley looks after Ava like she was her younger sister and is supportive and protective of her friend.
  • Griggs Bastion - A 16-year-old Gun Blazer whose main weapons are an Edge Blade and a Semi Automatic. His current goal is to track and take down "Rei Aginera", a vigilante working within the Badlands.
  • Jean Belraphiel - A rogue Magical Ring member who resides in the Underground district of the Badlands. She is a Front Witch from the now missing Black Sun house, which she was a previous sub-leader of. Her insignia is a Red Phoenix.
  • Leon Nicarson Storm - The leader of the organization known as "God's Archpriests" and a Magical Ring member. His insignia is a White Eagle.

Supporting Characters:Edit

  • Charlotte Beretta - Ava's adoptive mother and a former soldier that took part in the Collapse War. She is a former Magical Ring member that rebelled against them and aided the Gun Blazers in the war. Her insignia is a Black Raven.
  • Garrison Alfonso - The head of the criminal organization known as "System Republic". A former member of the Gun Blazers, his main weapon is an Automatic Shotgun.
  • Rei Aginera - The notorious vigilante of the badlands. Rei is shown as a young girl wearing a face mask, goggles and a hood to keep her identity a secret. However, she protects and helps the people of the Badlands against its current criminal condition.
  • Aries Neilsaitor - A rogue Magical Ring member who is after the Gun Blazers and plans to overtake the higher council of Skyreach Haven.
  • Sarah Lasdonia - A sergeant of the Gun Blazers from the East Federation unit. Her main weapon is a Heavy Machine Gun.
  • Ricardo Overseran - A member of the System Republic. His main weapon is a Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle which he has augmented with explosive rounds.
  • Andreas Victoriano - Another member of the System Republic.
  • Terence Zulbreta - A resident of the Badlands and the owner of the Gun Shop in the Derelic district.
  • Alexandra May Harris - A friend of Riley's who was taken in by the Magical Rings.


  • The year the series begins in is in the year 1996 (as of Volume 1).

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