Blazing Bullets is a story written and created by Red Tiger.

The story will center around a girl named Ava Beretta, a girl who lives in the Badlands of the city known as Neon Blaze as a war between the Gun Blazers and the Magical Rings occur.


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Volume 1: The World of Weapons and MagicEdit

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Volume 2: The City Within a WallEdit

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Volume 3: The Skirmish of the BadlandsEdit

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Main Characters:Edit

  • Ava Beretta - The main protagonist. A cheery 13-years old girl who lives in the urban district of the Badlands. Ava is a young girl who was born just at the very end of disastrous "Collapse War". She looks up to the vigilante "Rei Aginera" and wishes to be someone like her.
  • Riley Riverford - Ava's close friend and a member of the Low Rebellion. Riley is a Gun Blazer recruit whose main weapon is a Carbine. She is 14-years old. Riley looks after Ava like she was her younger sister and supportive and protective of her friend.
  • Griggs Bastion - A 16-years old Gun Blazer whose main weapons are an Edge Blade and a Semi Automatic. His current goal is to track and take down "Rei Aginera", a vigilante working within the Badlands.
  • Jean Belraphiel - A rogue Magical Ring member who resides in the Underground district of the Badlands. She is a Front Witch from the now missing Black Sun house, which she was a previous sub-leader of. Her insignia is a Red Phoenix.
  • Leon Nicarson Storm - The leader of the organization known as "God's Archpriests" and a Magical Ring member. His insignia is a White Eagle.

Supporting Characters:Edit

  • Charlotte Beretta - Ava's adoptive mother and a former soldier that took part in the Collapse War. She is a former Magical Ring member that rebelled against them and aided the Gun Blazers in the war. Her insignia is a Black Raven.
  • Garrison Alfonso - The head of the criminal organization known as "System Republic". A former member of the Gun Blazers, his main weapon is an Automatic Shotgun.
  • Rei Aginera - The notorious vigilante of the badlands. Rei is shown as a young girl wearing a face mask, goggles and a hood to keep her identity a secret. However, she protects and helps the people of the Badlands against its current criminal condition.


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