The Black Lotus Triad is a small triad clan featured in the GTA Expanded Universe. It is based in Los Santos' Chinatown district and is led by Chinese immigrant and criminal mastermind Jiang Cheng. The clan operates a headquarters under the cover of the Jade Dragon Club. 

It makes its first appearance in Brotherhood Rising as an ally and business partner of the Devils Chosen MC. It is the direct successor to the Los Santos Triad and formed from the remnants of the older triad in late 2013.  


The Black Lotus Triad officially began in late 2013 when Jiang Cheng, Wei Cheng's younger brother, gathered the remnants of the ill-fated Los Santos Triad under his leadership. Jiang assumed the title of Dragon Head and brought an end to the infighting among the triad factions in the city.

After the death of Wei Cheng in the summer of 2013, the Los Santos Triad fractured into a number of warring rival triad factions each led by a high ranking triad member. A bloody civil war broke with each faction leader seeking to claim the title of Dragon Head. Brutal conflicts broke out across the city as the factions sought to eliminate each other to take power for themselves. The wars killed off most of the triad's most senior veteran members leaving only newer and highly ambitious younger members.

It wasn't until Jiang Cheng arrived and seized control of the Xiǎolóng (Little Dragon) faction that things began to change. He assumed the title of Dragon Head in place of his brother and began systematically targeting the other factions. One by one the rival groups either swore loyalty to him or were viciously exterminated. Any faction that refused the offer was violently eradicated in a show of brutal efficiency to send a message to the others.

By November 2013, the civil had been brought to a swift end with the formation of the Black Lotus Triad. Based in the basement of the Jade Dragon Club the triad exerted a strict control over Chinatown carving out a territory for itself in the inner city. It soon also controlled Little Seoul via the subordinate Kkhanpae.

Alliances Edit

Mountain Cloud Triad Edit

The Black Lotus Triad maintains an official alliance with the San Fierro-based Mountain Cloud Triad. It began working with the Mountain Cloud Triad in 2014 to run opium dens and underground fight clubs in both cities. The two clans also hold lucrative narcotics distribution deals with drugs flowing between San Fierro and Los Santos on a regular basis. Underworld sources state that there is a great deal of respect shared between the two triad factions.

Xiang Family Edit

In early 2014 the Black Lotus Triad established formal relations with the Dillimore-based Xiang crime family to establish a greater presence in Los Santos County. The Xiang Family act as hired guns and extra muscle for the Black Lotus Triad in exchange for being allowed to associate with the rising triad. The small Chinese crime family also enjoys favourable narcotics and weapons deals with the Black Lotus Triad due to its loyal service as hired muscle.

Kkhanpae Edit

In late 2013 the Black Lotus Triad opted to continue the formal alliance with the South Korean Mob, better known as the Kkhanpae, begun by the Los Santos Triad. It maintains a dominant position in the alliance using the Kkhanpae as hired guns in exchange for favourable narcotics and weapons deals in the same arrangement as the Xiang crime family.

Devils Chosen MC

In late 2013 the Black Lotus Triad forged a business partnership with the Devils Chosen MC to traffick narcotics and weapons across Los Santos County. On special occasions the Black Lotus Triad acts as armed support for the bikers out of self-interest to protect its share in their dealings. However, it often prefers to focus on weapons and narcotics handoffs. For example, the Black Lotus Triad provided an armed response for the Devils Chosen MC when Marabunta Grande and the Families collaborated to attack them. Gunmen in the employ of the triad ambushed the gang hit-team before it could locate the Devils Chosen MC Clubhouse killing several members and forcing the others to flee.

Known Members Edit


  • The triad does not listen to American radio stations instead prefering traditional Chinese music. This music can be heard playing at the Jade Dragon Club, the Chinese restaurant and social club that serves as their headquarters. They are also known to have traditional Chinese values such as a strong sense of honour and a deep respect for their cultural heritage. However, the triad is known to be ruthlessly violent in furtherance of its interests. 
  • The FIB suspects that the Black Lotus Triad has links back to China and to other Triad clans in the United States. However, these suspicions have never been proven due to the secrecy employed by members of the triad.

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