"Life Sucks."
―Jon to Ben, after their map is soaked in the rain

Ben and Jon are one-time only characters in Sibling Rivalries. They are fictional characters in Angel Chacon's story about The Milderbeast, who are lost in a dark, stormy forest. They run into The Milderbeast, a big and scary creature. It is unknown what happened, although it is possible Ben and Jon were eaten by The Milderbeast.


  • Jon's line "Life Sucks" is reused by Anti-Cutecumber in the Cletus Comics comic "When The N.O.O.S.E Attack!", which is interesting, because he said it while also in the rain.
  • It is uncertain if Ben and Jon are based on actual people in the Sibling Rivalries world or if they were completely made-up by Angel.
    • The relationship between Ben and Jon is also unknown. It is unknown if they are friends, brothers, or maybe something else entirely.


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