"Baxter is a nice enough little town. Not much happens around here but there ain't nothing wrong with that. Folks 'round these parts tend to keep to themselves."
Wayne Baker commenting on Baxter

Baxter is an unincorporated community in southern Del Monte CountySan AndreasIt is located ninety four miles southeast of Del Monte and seventy nine miles south of Colinas. Baxter Road links the small rural town to Route 22 which passes close by on the western banks of the Colinas River. The town is featured in the GTA Expanded Universe appearing as a minor location in Episodes from San Andreas: Brotherhood Rising.


Baxter is a very small rural town with a total population of ninety five. The town sits on the banks of the Colinas River which flows past its western limits and is bordered by expansive prairies to the east. It's most prominent feature is its openess with large areas of bare land and trees between many of the buildings. Baxter also borders the Evergreen State Wildlife Reserve to the south which serves as the town's only claim to fame.

The town closely resembles other small rural towns in San Andreas. It features small single story houses and small local businesses set in a remarkably open urban area. Greying asphalt roads are flanked by wide bare dirt footpaths with limited street signs. 

Places of InterestEdit



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