The Battle of Morrin's Hollow was the first conflict in the war between House Seywyth and House Mertyns. It took place in a thickly forested valley in the Rainwood on the southern borders of the lands of House Seywyth. The bitterly disputed fringe region was also claimed by House Mertyns who regularly deployed troops to the area in defiance of House Seywyth.

No longer kept in check by House Baratheon as its overlord House Seywyth attacked the troops of House Mertyns in a deliberate declaration of war. The collapse of House Baratheon meant that these two rival houses were left to fight it out.

Background Edit

Morrin's Hollow had been bitterly disputed territory even since the formation of House Seywyth and House Mertyns. Both noble houses had staked claims to it when drawing out their official borders and neither was prepared to acknowledge the other's claim. The dispute flared into violence when House Mertyns, in an effort at expanding its territory, deployed troops to Morrin's Hollow seizing and burning a number of House Seywyth banners.

Enraged by the blatant show of disrespect and invasion of their lands House Seywyth deployed its own troops to the hollow to confront House Mertyns. Lord Dunstan Seywyth, in an example of the fearsome fury of his house, ordered that six hundred men be deployed to eradicate the Mertyns force in the valley using extreme prejudice. House Mertyns responded by deploying five hundred of its own soldiers to meet the House Seywyth force.

Battle Edit

The highly organized and skilled Seywyth force seized a double advantage at the start of the battle. It exploited the high ground of the valley walls and its greater strength in numbers. As soon as Mertyns soldiers arrived two groups of Seywyth rangers moved to block both ends of the valley thus trapping their enemy in the middle. Ser Gerrard Seywyth, the commander of the Seywyth force, waited until the Mertyns force had fully entered the valley before springing his trap.

Concealed lines of archers emerged from cover to launch a deadly barrage of arrows down on the heads of the Mertyns soldiers thinning their numbers considerably. The footsoldiers of House Seywyth then charged down into the valley from both sides closing on their enemy with fearsome speed. The battle was over after only two hours of fighting with the greater size of the Seywyth force very quickly overwhelming the Mertyns force. It was ruthlessly exterminated down to the last man with the banners of House Mertyns swiftly seized and burned. A dead Mertyns swordsman was strapped to his horse and sent back to his house as a grisly threat.

Aftermath Edit

The decisive and ruthless victory at Morrin's Hollow allowed House Seywyth to seize control of the disputed lands. The loss of a sizeable armed force weakened House Mertyns causing it to fall back to its own borders. The Seywyth force seized the supplies left behind by its enemies as a spoil of war in a rowdy post-battle celebration. Edric Mertyns, a second cousin to the mainline house, was captured and imprisoned in Greywatch Dungeon.

Seywyth raid teams began probing the borders of House Mertyns in an open show of aggression.

Notable Quotes Edit

"Ser Gerrard: You come onto our lands, you disrespect our house and now you have the nerve to make demands! It is about time you Mertyns were put in your place!

Edric: You Seywyths have sharp tongues but your blades are as dull as your wits. You're all talk and no action.

Ser Gerrard: Bold words for the son of a second rate noble and a privy wench. Why don't you save yourself even more disgrace and run home with your tail between your legs."

-- Ser Gerrard Seywyth and Edric Mertyns during the battle

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