"We run this city fool! You fuck with us and we'll lay you out!"
―Ballas member
The Ballas are a large African-American street gang in the GTA Universe, officially established in Los Santos in 1972. During the eighties and nineties the gang spread across the United States establishing sets in numerous cities on both the east and west coasts.

The Liberty City-based network of Ballas gangs began in 1996 with the establishment of the North Side Ballas. As the Balla culture grew in Liberty City this original set rose to become the dominant Balla set in the city. As of 2013, the Ballas operate in the boroughs of Algonquin, Broker and Bohan.

Overview Edit

They have continued the bloody feud with the Families that began in Los Santos in the early eighties. They very closely resemble the Los Santos-based Ballas in general attitude, style of attire and willingness to use violence. In terms of gang structure they act as a Liberty City branch of the Ballas and frequently communicate with the Balla sets in Los Santos.

Members of the Liberty City sets are not normally hostile to members of the public unless they are first insulted or provoked. However, they do have a habit of approaching members of the public caught wearing rival gang colors in their territory. If taunted by a member of the public, or if a gun is fired in their territory, they will become hostile and will aggressively confront the offender.

Balla members can be seen drinking, driving cars, riding bikes and even walking dogs on their territory. They can also be seen in other other areas of the doing the same but do not appear in areas claimed by the Families. It is common to see groups of three to five Ballas standing on the sidewalks in Northwood, South Slopes and Fortside. They are also encountered smoking cigarettes, marijuana and drinking various alcoholic drinks.

Like their Los Santos-based Balla brothers they are brash and like to show off. However, due to the strict gun laws in Liberty City they do not openly flaunt their weapons instead concealing them under their clothing.

Influence Edit

The Ballas are based on the Bloods street gang that began in Los Angeles. Members are frequently seen wearing hats with the letter "P" or "B" on them in the same fashion as their real-life inspiration. It has been noted that Rockstar switched the gang colour of the Ballas, from red to purple, in an effort at preventing favoritism.

Territories Edit

In Liberty City the Ballas control the neighborhoods of Northwood, East Holland, South Slopes and Fortside. A few members can also been seen in areas of Acter and Tudor in Alderney City suggesting that they are attempting to expand into territory that has traditionally belonged to their rivals.

Sets Edit

  • North Side Ballas (NSB): A Balla set that controls territory in Northwood and East Holland. It is the largest Balla set in the city and currently dominates the Liberty City Balla hierarchy. They can be heard saying phrases like "NSB! FK, SK all day every day!" and "North Side Balla homie!". The Balla OG Jerome "OG Killa Clip" Davis is a member of, and the current leader, of this set. In a mark of respect for their Los Santos-based brothers they normally wear purple varsity jackets.
  • South Broker Ballas (SBB): A mid-sized Balla set that controls territory in South Slopes and the Firefly Projects. They can be heard saying phrases like "South Side for life!" and "South Side's where its at home!". Members of this set wear purple polo shirts, sports jerseys and a wide range of other purple-themed attire. The set is unswervingly loyal to the dominant North Side Ballas set.
  • Rykers Avenue Ballas (RAB): A Balla set that controls territory in Fortside. It is the smallest of the sets and as such stands at the very bottom of the Balla hierarchy in the city. As the newest Balla set in the city it is closely monitored by the North Side Ballas set to ensure that it remains loyal to the gang and its goals. Members of this set are notably less vocal than members of the other sets and are only seen in small numbers.


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