Azriel's Flight is the final mission in Grand Theft Friendships given to protagonist Dimitri Rascalov by his long-lost best friend Azriel Arce.


Dimitri finds Azriel in Broker, and sees him wearing fancy clothes. Azriel tells him he wants to move back to San Fierro, because he misses his "girlfriend" Natasha. Dimitri is disappointed of this, because he spent almost half of the year looking for him. Azriel apologizes, saying he doesn't want to go, but he "doesn't have a choice". A sad Dimitri decides to go to the airport to drop off Azriel.


Azriel's plane leaves in 2 1/2 in-game hours. Hurry and take Azriel to the airport. During the ride, Dimitri is silent and ignores Azriel, thinking about why his best friend would move back to San Fierro.

At the AirportEdit

  • Azriel: Thanks, Dimitri. You were always a great friend. Now I have something to brag to my friends in Fierro about. I'll miss you, man. Adios.

(Dimitri remains silent, and walks away sadly)


You recieve $100 , and unlock the next mission, Last Requests.


  • As revealed in Keep Your Friends Close..., Azriel does not leave, instead staying with his best friend, Dimitri. If he didn't leave, it is unknown what he did after arriving at the airport then in this mission. He probably left to San Fierro, changed his mind, and returned to Liberty City as fast as he could.
  • It is possible to see Dimitri crying during the ride to the airport, and the ending cutscene.

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