Azriel was the deuteragonist of the cancelled The Brotherly Bond franchise. He is the younger best friend of another boy named Junior. When his parents were killed in a car crash in December 2012, Junior's parents adopted Azriel, which makes Junior and Azriel not just best friends - but brothers. After the two best friends become brothers, this only leads the path for new awesome adventures to come for the two. They are joined by Andrew, Junior's neighbor.

Following TBB's cancellation, Azriel and all other characters have been confirmed as non-existent, and all of the events that occured in the franchise are non-canon to the GTA Nerd Comic Universe.


Azriel would have appeared in these comics.

He would have appeared in every comic of The Brotherly Bond: The Brothers Return!.

He also made appearances outside of the TBB franchise, including in the Cletus Comics comics "Playdate... of DOOM!!" and "Cletus and the Diamond Deal", as well as the Sibling Rivalries comic "Diamonds in the Rough".

Azriel was mentioned in the Sibling Rivalries comic "San Salvador's Story" and "The McRearys' Halloween Special!", as well as Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures, however, following TBB's cancellation, these references to him were removed.

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