Ayame Ootori is a major character in Fragment's Note 2 and a supporting/major character in A Different Perspective and its reboot Silver Blizzard. Despite being a supporting character, her unique role in the time stream makes her a major force in both stories.

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Ayame can be described as meticulous and studious, which was most notably shown when she completely and thoroughly read through an instruction manual the size of a phone book. Thanks to Inori's sacrifice saving her life, Ayame admires and respects people who are willing to sacrifice their all for others, especially their family or people they love.

Ayame is usually a calm person, and this reflects even in her other emotions. She usually expresses any anger through quiet glares or soft, piercing words. Interestingly enough, despite Ayame's calm nature she is more than willing to act drastically when angry, which was shown when she tied Tsukasa upside down in Act II: Chapter 7.

Ayame also appears to have a snarky, more "dry" side, especially when responding to over-the-top affectionate behavior or obvious overconfidence.

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Background Edit

Not much is specified about Ayame's childhood; however, when she was six years old, Ayame experienced a plane crash (coincidentally, the same one that Kyoichi Akikawa was in) and was killed.

However, Miu Tenjo's major intervention in the time stream and her subsequent erasure ends up creating a ripple in the timeline, altering it. This changes Ayame's ultimate fate; rather than dying, she received an organ transplant from Inori Akikawa and survived.

Thanks to this phenomenon, Ayame is considered an irregularity in the time stream. As such, any time traveller can alter the future through her without having to worry about erasing themselves from existence.

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