Aura Breaker is a story written and created by Red Tiger. This series marks the second time Red Tiger has created a series outside his ongoing Stickman Universe project, including his upcoming "reboot" of the aforementioned series, Stickman Universe: Rebirth.

The story follows Akiro Akabane, a reclusive 15-year old boy who unfortunately finds his life mixed into the battle between the factions known as "Aura Breakers" and "Victory Organization".


Akiro Akabane is a 15-years old freshman at Tochinogiri High School. Despite getting attention and praises from some of his peers, Akiro is the type of person who prefers to not indulge in interacting with other people he considers are not worth his time and would rather much spend his time alone.

However, a battle between two factions --- the Victory Organization, a highly skilled squad of special combatants, and the Aura Breakers, a group of empowered vigilantes --- leads Akiro into this mix, finding himself in the crossfire of this battle that has been going on for quite a while now. With his life making a hasty turn, young Akiro Akabane is forced to become a part of this battle...!!


Volume 1: A Life Which I Never Wanted Begins!!Edit

"My name is Akiro Akabane. A 15-years old freshman at this town's ridiculous high school. I live with my mother and cousin, the last person mentioned being the one who gives me just as much as an annoying time at home like at school... everyday. The high school I am not going to is called Tochinogiri High School. A municipal high school here in the town of Kyoto. I enrolled there with Ken Tyrone Carlson, my only best friend who managed to convince me to go to the same school as him...

... you would think that my life, as tame yet irritating as it already is, with the vast people around me would just be normal. Well, as much as I hate to say this... but unfortunately, I'm about to find myself in something I never, not in any lifetime... not even if someone else's life depended on it... and not even if it meant making whatever desire come true... ever wanted... I am about to have something in my life that I never wanted happen..."

--- Akiro's intro dialogue.


The sound of horns, confetti and cheers surround a middle school graduation right now. It is the graduation ceremony for the students at this middle school. The ceremony itself has just ended and all of the students, after all of their time learning for two years together, their days at their school they have been to and all of the fun they have had must now end as each of them must go their separate paths to continue the walk towards the future that awaits them...

Then again, that's the kind of sappy thing you would hear from someone during something as stupid as this. Yeah, I just graduated middle school and while I can understand the rush of emotions everyone here --- students, teachers, parents alike --- are having... it's starting to annoy me. Why? If you were to think about it, not even half of these clowns were ever that close to each other from the beginning to now yet they are all hanging out, shaking each others' hands and saying goodbye like they were the best of friends in this world. It makes me feel sorry, not for them, but for myself in having to see such a pathetic display of fake emotions. This is why I prefer not being close to anyone...

"Yo, Akiro! We finally graduated! Can you believe it?", says a dark blue haired friend of mine while holding onto his diploma.

"Y-yeah... I guess... hurray for us, woo...", as I said in the least convincing tone of excitement that I could muster.

"That's right, my friend. I'm glad you're actually having some fun for once!". I'm surprised this guy was convinced by my pathetic display of unmotivated happiness. But, I guess I shouldn't reveal that to him. He's having a lot of fun in this really hapless occasion. Introduction, I guess. This guy is my best friend Ken Tyrone Carlson. He's a guy whose parents came from the United States to live in Japan after his father was promoted to one of their company's branches here. Him and his parents have lived here for years now ever since then. I met him back in grade school when he decided, out of all people, to talk to me. Even though I refused all sorts of communication for him, he managed to force his way through my wall of ignorance towards him and got me... to do what I still consider the most ridiculous thing me and him have ever done... which was slide down a road on a cardboard box with wheels on.

Chapter 1 - Uninteresting DaysEdit

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Chapter 2 - Press Upon VictoryEdit

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Chapter 3 - A Turn In LifeEdit

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Chapter 4 - Beyond The StormEdit

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Chapter 5 - A Life ChangedEdit

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Volume 2: A Conflict I Never Wanted To Be A Part Of!Edit

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Main Characters:Edit

Akabane FamilyEdit

  • Akiro Akabane - The main protagonist. Akiro is a 15-years old first year high student and is reclusive, preferring to stay out of the company of others except for those he has grown accustomed in being with. He dislike socializing with others and refuses to ever get involved in other people's activities.
  • Hiroko Akabane - Akiro's mother. Despite being his mother, Hiroko and Akiro have a relationship akin to a big sister-little brother than that of a mother-son, but does not mean that she wants her son to stay being withdrawn and does scold him if his apathetic behavior towards others begins to show itself.
  • Asami Rei Akabane - Akiro's cousin. Asami is a 12-years old middle school student and is a definite polar opposite to Akiro as Asami is cheerful and friendly, but is also relatively bitter toward others if they show themselves to be someone she can be enraged at.

Carlson FamilyEdit

  • Ken Tyrone Carlson - Akiro's best friend and one of the only known people he talks to and hangs out with. Ken's family are from the United States, having moved to Kyoto, Japan after his father had been promoted to a higher position in the company he works at and being moved to said company's Japanese branch. Unlike Akiro, Ken is very friendly and generally nice to other people and tries his best to have Akiro do the same.
  • Albreah Carlson - Ken's mother. Albreah works at Tochinogiri High School as both the freshmen and sophomores' Foreign Language teacher.

Tochinogiri High SchoolEdit

  • Yuno Hirayama - Akiro's classmate and their class representative. Yuno is very nice and sympathetic of other people and is very friendly of Akiro, wanting to help him out of his shell despite the latter's lack of interest in doing so and in befriending her.
  • Kira Kirasusume - Akiro's classmate and neighbor. She's a very upbeat girl and had tried to change Akiro's point of view of his life and to others he is not too familiar with, but has come to respect his resistance to this but still tries her best for him. She seems to view Akiro as more than just a friend.
  • Seishirou Nagasaki - Another of Akiro's classmates. He sees the popularity Akiro gets for his mysterious rejection of socializing with others as being a bit absurd as he knows how much this irks Akiro but seems to find amusement in seeing his many exasperated expressions.
  • Hayate Minamoto - A boy from class 1 - 3 and a friend of Kira's. He looks up to Akiro despite the latter not even knowing or acknowledging him.
  • Akihiko Hajime - A boy from class 2 - 2 who claims himself as the most superior student in the entire school and considers Akiro one of his rivals due to the latter's growing popularity and academic skills which rival his.
  • Masato Matoba - One of Akiro, Ken and Yuno's classmates. Masato is both an intelligent and athletic student with some even considering him a "geeky jock" due to both his personality and appearance that take traits from both school categories. He seems to harbor feelings for Yuno.
  • Satoshi Yukimura - One of Akiro, Ken and Yuno's classmates. He is a very intellectual and observant student who excels in handling anything related to technology as well as engineering. He is friends with Hayate.
  • Ai Kamiyo - A girl from class 1 - 1. She is a very athletic and academically achieving girl, however, she seems to be hiding something.


  • The setting of the story primarily takes place in Kyoto, Japan with some changes. Some are also planned to take place in various cities of Japan as well.

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