At Home With Bryan is a talk show featured on LifeTV. The show is filmed live and uses a "typical American den" set layout with leather armchairs placed in front of a fireplace. It follows a "fireside chat" style dialogue with the show's host, liberal commentator Bryan Wilkes, either giving monologues or actively taking part in often energetic discussions with guests and callers.

The show features political discussions and social commentary during which Bryan speaks on current issues and concerns raised by his viewers. He often takes a critical stance in his commentary criticizing the government for impeding on the rights of American citizens and passionately stating that "the freedoms of everyday Americans are at stake!".

Crew Edit

  • Bryan Wilkes (host)
  • Natasha Summers (occasional co-host)
  • David Greene (political commentator)

Notable Guests Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The show has been criticized for hiring former model Natasha Summers purely as "eye candy" to appeal to the men in its audience. Widely regarded as extremely attractive Natasha, who is rumoured to moonlight as a pornstar, serves as an occasional co-host alongside Bryan. She has been seen more often in later episodes of the talk show and is known to have a strong opinion on multiple subjects. Show producers have denied that Natasha was hired solely for her looks instead saying she was hired to provide a woman's viewpoint and to attract female viewers.

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