Asami Rei Akabane is a 12-years old middle school student and is Akiro's cousin.


Asami looks to be around the age that a girl in high school would be, excluding her height being that of an actual middle-school girl. She almost looks identical to Akiro, with the difference being is that her hair is completely black and she has baby blue eyes. She often ties her hair in a small pony tail, but also does leave it in a straight fashion. She has a strand of her hair pointing at front in the style of an ahoge.

Despite being only 12-years old, Asami already looks a bit developed for her age. Asami also seems to possess a small fang which is visible whenever she reveals her teeth.


A cheerful and very friendly girl, Asami can be considered an opposite to her cousin, Akiro. She is outgoing and likes hanging out with her friends and classmates. She is very responsible which earned her the position as their class' representative and a position in their school's student council as one of its enforcers due to her tough and "no nonsense" attitude when she becomes serious.

A similarity that she has with Akiro is that she will not open her arms to those she finds are troublesome and not easily forgiving of those that can cause trouble for others. Despite sometimes annoying her cousin, she still cares about Akiro and also tries whatever she can to help him develop a more open social life even though she knows that that is something Akiro wishes the least. Asami is a very sweet girl and is the one to always help her aunt Hiroko at their house, mostly doing the chores when not at school.


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Akiro Akabane:Edit

Asami's cousin whom she, despite being related, does not get along very well. Both Asami and Akiro have very distinct personality contrasts which often collide with each other, but despite that, the two can still get along, and Asami clearly cares about Akiro in that she also wishes to help him out of his refusal to socialize with others.

Hiroko Akabane:Edit

Asami's aunt and current guardian among their family. Asami was taken into Hiroko's care when her father asked that she stay with her and Akiro when she was little until her father came back.


  • Asami's hair design was inspired from Mana Takamiya from the Date A Live series.

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