Arthur Williams
FO3 Williams
Appearance(s): Fallout 3
Full name: Arthur Williams
Also known as: Lt. Williams
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 2253 (aged 34)
Home: Hodgenville Bunker
Family: Ruth Williams (wife)
Henry Williams (son)
Main Affiliation: Enclave Remnants
"I was born and raised in Raven Rock. My father was a trooper and my mother a promising young scientist. That bunker was really the only home I'd ever known. If I ever see that damn wanderer again I swear I'll kill himself myself!"
―Lt. Williams reminiscing about Raven Rock
Lieutenant Arthur Williams, registration WS-440P, is an Enclave stationed in the Hodgenville Bunker in 2287. He is a career soldier and an unflinching supporter of the Enclave's cause. As the second highest ranked officer in the bunker he holds the position of second-in-command under Lieutenant Colonel Robert Jamison.

He is the commanding officer of Enclave Squad Theta of which he is immensely proud. A survivor of the attack on Raven Rock he believes that readiness and swiftness in action are key to the continued survival of the Enclave.

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