Arefu as it was in 2277

Arefu is a small village in the Capital Wasteland. It is made up of a collection of wasteland shacks built out of corrugated iron and other scavenged materials. The village is regarded as a settlement of little importance and as such is ignored by the dominant settlements of Megaton and Rivet City.

It was originally built on a highway overpass suspended over a river but its residents were forced to flee when a warband of Talon Company mercenaries burned the village to the ground. The survivors fled to the west and refounded their village near the ruins of Mount Mabel Campground. Under the leadership of mayor Evan King they developed Arefu into a tiny farming hamlet and trading post.

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  • Arefu is widely regarded as little more than a boring backwater by the larger settlements of the Capital Wasteland. It is the target of significant prejudice with the residents of Rivet City calling its residents "backwoods yokels". However, the caravan merchants are far kinder to the village and its people treating them as equals and a much appreciated safe rest stop.