Anything Goes is a comedy-based animated cartoon show that aired on Spree and was the first cartoon made by T.R.S. Animation for the network. It follows the misadventures of a Melanistic Jaguar named Kevin and an Arabian Wolf named Moe. The show was known for being extremely over-the-top, which usually wasn't a good thing. It was cancelled after only its first season due to many themes that did not belong in a children's show, with the main problem being violence.

The show was supposed to set good morals for kids. The show was cut from airing permanently once all 20 of its initial episodes had been finished and aired at least once on Spree. The show took place in the fictional suburban town called "Uerp Ayitnisn" and was aimed for a young, impressionable audience around the ages of 6 to 7.


  • Kevin
  • Moe
  • Kevin's Brother
  • Mister Clover
  • Adam the Seal


Season 1Edit

  • Episode 1: Warehouse HiJinks (Series Premiere)
  • Episode 2a: Mad Cat Kevin
  • Episode 2b: Excavation
  • Episode 3a: Starry Night
  • Episode 3b: Fungus Stung Us
  • Episode 4a: Whale of a Time
  • Episode 4b: Heads Gonna Roll
  • Episode 5: Dock Shock
  • Episode 6a: Seamen (Replaced with Mad Cat Kevin in reruns)
  • Episode 6b: Mind Tumble
  • Episode 7a: Moe's Monster
  • Episode 7b: Complete Relapse
  • Episode 8a: Rangers for a Day
  • Episode 8b: The Landfill
  • Episode 9a: Worried Sick
  • Episode 9b: Brotherly Hate
  • Episode 10: The Terror! The Horror! The Vet!
  • Episode 11a: Arabian Honor
  • Episode 11b: Black Cat no More
  • Episode 12a: Love Pollution
  • Episode 12b: Kaboom or Bust
  • Episode 13a: Flip Flop Folly
  • Episode 13b: Paranoid
  • Episode 14a: Board Overboard
  • Episode 14b: Moe's Monster's Revenge
  • Episode 15: The Fifteenth Episode (Named "Kevin Eats Pancakes" outside of the USA)
  • Episode 16a: Raining Cat and Dog
  • Episode 16b: Polaria (Replaced with Kaboom or Bust in reruns)
  • Episode 17a: School's Out!
  • Episode 17b: Dreaming of a White Summer
  • Episode 18a: Moe is Me
  • Episode 19a: Screwy Driver (Pilot Episode) (Replaced with Paranoid in reruns)
  • Episode 19b: Mister Clover Strikes Back
  • Episode 20: Normal Life (Series Finale)


  • Due to the amount of controversy the show caused, it was banned from any DVD releases and airing reruns permanently after the premiere of the series finale "Normal Life". It is still regarded as the single most inappropriate show ever screened on Spree to this day.
  • The show represents a very unpleasant memory for Vector Networks, the broadcasting network that owns Spree, which has been quick to erase any connection with the doomed series. In total "Anything Goes" cost the network a total of nearly two and half million dollars which was divided between the disgruntled families following their successful lawsuit. It stands as the biggest financial loss ever incurred by the broadcasting entity and resulted in several staff members being fired.
  • The setting of the show "Uerp Ayitnisn" is a corruption of "Pure Insanity".
  • The creator has joked about an "Anything Goes" movie being made, but would never be shown to the public because he was apparently banned globally from Spree studios.