Antonio Caiviano
Full name: Antonio Caiviano
Also known as: Mr. Caiviano
Don Caiviano
Two-Shot Tony
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1962 (aged 51)
Place of birth: Little Italy, Liberty City
Home: Westdyke, Alderney City
Nationality: Italian-American
Family: Adelina Caiviano (wife)
Mariano Caiviano (son)
Emiliana Caiviano (daughter)
Main Affiliation: Ancelotti crime family (Don)

The Commission

Weapons: Knife
Vehicle(s): Black Schafter
Businesses: Don of the Ancelotti crime family

Alderney Fruit Markets
Leftwood Gambling Den

"You have always been loyal to me Vito. I see big things in your future my friend, very big things."
―Antonio speaking to Vito Bucciani
Antonio Caiviano is a prominent character featured in the GTA Expanded Universe. He is a long-time member of the Ancelotti Family who took over as Don in 2009 on the wishes of Giovanni Ancelotti. He assumed control of the crime family when the elderly Giovanni retired due to his failing health and old age.

His leadership style closely reflects that of his long-term mentor due to their firm friendship. As a young mafioso Antonio earned the nickname "Two-Shot Tony" due to his habit of always shooting his enemies twice to ensure their death. Antonio speaks in a gravelly voice with the stereotypical Italian-American accent often seen in mob movies.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Antonio was born to Italian immigrant parents in 1962 in Little Italy, Liberty City. His parents showered him with affection due to his being their only surviving child. As a small boy Antonio relished the attention given to him by his doting parents and took advantage of it to get away with various acts of criminal mischief. He was influenced by the Italian-American gangsters in Little Italy as a boy and came to idolize them.

At the age of fifteen, despite numerous warnings from his parents, Antonio began running errands for a local crime family as an unofficial associate. He soon fell in with a street crew in the employ of the Ancelotti crime family and began a life on the other side of the law. At the age of seventeen he was arrested for his part in a botched jewelry store heist and served time in a juvenile detention centre.

Adult Life Edit

Antonio fell into a life of crime in his youth becoming an eager member of the Ancelotti Family. In 2001, he was arrested for aggravated assault after beating up a family informant who lied to his father. The case against him fell apart when Ancelotti made-men intimidated the jury into finding him not guilty. Antonio got into trouble with the law again in 2006 when he was arrested for racketeering and lottery fraud. But he again escaped conviction when Ancelotti made-men destroyed all evidence against him and intimidated the witnesses into silence. The case against him fell apart and Antonio walked free earning his first nickname "Free Bird" for his skill at getting around the law.

He would go on to earn the unofficial nickname "Moby" from law enforcement due to his great skill at evading their best attempts at pinning convictions on him. Like the famous white whale from "Moby Dick" Antonio has always managed to cunningly avoid those looking to catch him. He later went on to earn the additional nickname "Two Shot" due to his habit of always shooting an enemy twice, once in the head and once in the heart, to ensure they were dead.

Antonio officially became a "made man" in 2003 at the age of thirty one. He quickly rose through the ranks to become a caporegime and one of his father's most trusted soldiers. In 2009 he took over the family when Giovanni was forced to step down due to a combination of old age and failing health. But in a mark of respect Antonio has kept his father closely informed of family affairs as his most trusted adviser and confidant. The ambitious Antonio proved himself to be a highly capable and cunning Don negotiating a sit-down with the Messina and Gambetti crime families which resulted in a mutually beneficial peace agreement. He also regained the Ancelotti Family's full status in The Commission and repaired the damage done by the war with the Pegorino Family. In a bloody campaign of revenge Antonio led a hand-picked Ancelotti crew in a brutal mob war against the remnants of the Pegorino Family which saw the scattered Pegorinos completely eradicated.  

In order to take care of his elderly father Antonio moved back into the Ancelotti Mansion in Westdyke and had a wing specially adapted to suit the needs of the ailing Ancelotti patriarch. As a mark of respect for his father Antonio has ordered that a pair of high ranking Ancelotti made men serve as Giovanni's bodyguards at all times. Giovanni also serves as his son's closest adviser giving the elderly mafioso a lasting influence over the crime family he founded. However, Giovanni was been careful not to interfere with his son's rights as Don of the Ancelotti Family in the belief that it is " son's time now."

Antonio is also very close to his sister but does not approve of her party-girl behavior. He believes that she disgraces both herself and the family by acting in such a way and has taken a firmer hand with Gracie. He has threatened to cut her off from the family money if she continues to act in such a fashion. However, he genuinely loves his little sister and will aggressively retaliate to any insult aimed at her - such as threatening to have Niko Bellic and Luis Lopez killed for hitting her. Antonio only called off the hit when Gracie convinced not to do so by telling him that "a couple of mooks aren't worth your time." Nevertheless, Marco ordered that Niko and Luis be given firm warnings. Luis' friends, Henrique and Armando, were abducted and severely beaten while Niko's apartment was shot up in a drive-by shooting. 


Antonio is a highly intelligent and calculating man. This intelligence takes the form of keen criminal intellect and an ability to evaluate every situation with every possible angle. Because of this he is able to manipulate almost any situation to his advantage. From a young age he has cultivated an intimidating presence and a power of personality that demands respect from all he meets. He is not easily angered, except for when his immediate family are threatened, instead possessing a level-headed nature and a methodical plotting.

He has a well practiced ability to keep his anger in check while carefully plotting the destruction of his foes. This self control has made him even more dangerous, rather than exploding into fits of rage he instead plots the downfall of his enemies with a deceptively quiet calmness. Marco also has a softer and genuinely caring side which is usually reserved for his sister. He can even be seen as loving to those closest to him and is known for a keen, and often dark, sense of humour. Marco loves his little sister dearly and is often seen hugging her when they meet. This has led to the well known fact that any slight against Gracie will result in a swift and violent response from her powerful brother. Gracie has taken advantage of this during her nights out on the town - such as getting VIP memberships in several nightclubs by threatening the owners.


  • Antonio is noticeably absent in Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes. This absence is explained by the fact that he was in Carcer City in 2008 acting on behalf of Giovanni.
  • As a personal preference Antonio is known to favour the Italian restaurant chain Al Dente's. He often dines at the Al Dente's restaurant in Alderney City and has voiced great interest in turning Drusilla's into an official Al Dente's restaurant.
  • Antonio speaks with a stereotypical Italian-American accent in the fashion of mafia mobsters in countless movies. He also frequently uses mafia slang such as "mook" and "sleeping with the fishes."

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