Anti-Steven Anti-Barks is one of the supporting antagonists in Cletus Comics and Sibling Rivalries. He is the Anti-Dog counterpart of Steve Barks, and is very smart. Anti-Steve has shown a strong hatred to his brother Anti-Cutecumber, but since the birth of Steve, Jr., this changes, and they are on good terms.


Cletus Comics
  • Anti-Circuit Board Island (first appearance)
  • When Book Worlds Collide!
  • Evil Counterparts Have More Fun!
  • Steve, Jr.
  • Birth Of The New Evil!
  • Playdate...Of Doom!! (mentioned only)
  • I Dream Of Anti-Dogs
  • Adventure Time
  • School Puppies (mentioned only)
  • When The N.O.O.S.E Attack!
  • Cletus-Ology!
  • Robot Race (last appearance; non-speaking cameo)
Sibling Rivalries


  • Anti-Steve actually gave birth to Anti-Steve, Jr. instead of Anti-Taysha. This proves that in the Anti-World, the males give birth instead of the females. This is similar to the same fact in The Fairly OddParents! (i.e. Cosmo gave birth to Poof instead of Wanda, but in the Anti-Fairy World, it is the opposite).
  • Apparently Anti-Steve has never seen sweat before, as seen in Sibling Rivalries Presents: Meet The Robots!, when he thinks that Gerald McReary and Angel Chacon are "crying through their forehead", and remarks "Humans are so weird!"
    • In addition to this, he says Anti-Dogs do not "sweat" at all, which means they would have to get rid of this waste a different way.
  • The only humans Anti-Steve are friends with are Gerry and Angel, as Gerry says to Packie during SRP: MTR.
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