The Anti-Robots are the secondary antagonist group in Cletus Comics (behind the N.O.O.S.E). They are the opposite of the robots on the series, who live in an alternate dimension named the Anti-World. 

Similar to the Anti-Fairies in The Fairly OddParents, there is a counterpart or every robot, and each Anti- is the complete opposite or their normal counterpart. The leader of the Anti-Robots is Anti-Cletus, Cletus's counterpart who is very evil. On Friday the 13th, the Anti-Robots go to the real world and cause lots of havoc.


Despite there also being an Anti-Counterpart for every other living thing besides robots, the Anti-Dogs are considered a "sub-division" of the Anti-Robots. They are led by Anti-Cutecumber and his brother Anti-Steve. However, the only Anti-Dogs appearing in the series besides these brothers are Anti-Steve Jr., Anti-Taysha, and Anti-Vlad. These dogs are counterparts of the main dogs of the series.


  • As well as being the leader of the Anti-Dogs, Anti-Cletus is also a member of the N.O.O.S.E (click on the link above).

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