Anti-Cletus is the secondary antagonist of Cletus Comics, and a minor antagonist in Sibling Rivalries. He is the Anti-Robot counterpart of Cletus, and was a new villain in the series since January 2013. In the Anti-World, like Anti-Fairy World from The Fairly OddParents, there is an Anti-Counterpart for everyone, and everyone is different from their normal counterparts (Anti-Devil-Bot, unlike Devil-Bot, is very nice and not evil at all).

As of December 2013, Anti-Cletus has allied with Cletus' other enemies, Devil-Bot and Ivan Buxaplenty, and even Anti-Steve, Anti-Cutecumber, and Anti-Steve, Jr..


Cletus Comics (Seasons 1-8)

Anti-Cletus had no appearances in any of these seasons.

Cletus Comics (Season 9)
  • Anti-Circuit Board Island (first appearance)
Cletus Comics (Season 10)
  • When CU-PID Strikes! (cameo)
  • When Book Worlds Collide!
  • Evil Counterparts Have More Fun!
  • Steve, Jr.
  • Birth Of The New Evil! (cameo)
  • Ivan Returns Again!
Cletus Comics (Season 11)
  • If The Price Is Right
  • She Loves Me Not
Cletus Comics (Season 12)
  • When The N.O.O.S.E Attack!
  • Cletus-Ology!
  • Robot Race (last appearance)

Total Number of Series Appearances: 12/106

Sibling Rivalries


  • It is revealed in "When The N.O.O.S.E Attack!" that if a robot/animal is killed or destroyed, so would their Anti-Counterpart. When Anti-Cutecumber threatens to kill Cletus, Anti-Cletus stops him and tells him if Cletus dies, he will as well.
    • In the 2012 comic "Jumbo Ship", Cletus was destroyed (but later rebuilt by R.L.C), meaning so was Anti-Cletus. Cletus has also exploded many times during the series, and maybe Anti-Cletus did the same.
      • If an Anti-Counterpart was to be destroyed/killed, their normal counterpart will not do the same.
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