"Aaron:...Then there's Anthony DeoBer, our kicker. Nothing really to say about him, he not really that interesting.
Anthony: Hey!
Aaron: Only kidding. He's pretty chill. We just like to mess around with him a lot.
―Aaron Velazco introducing Anthony

Anthony DeoBer is one of the supporting protagonists in Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter.

He is a freshman in the 2016-2017 year at Green Bay Southwest High School, and a kicker on the freshman football team. He is seen as the shy, awkward one in the group, which was caused by his complicated childhood. The guys occasionally mess around with him, but they never mean it in a bad way, as they really do care for him. In the first two comics in the series, Anthony is actually not as awkward and he is portrayed as more laid back like the others, with his personality changing to what it is now beginning with "Love At First Plight".

Life prior to TNCEdit

Anthony from a reconstituted family, consisting of his biological mother, a step-father and older step-brother, an adopted younger brother, and an unborn half-brother. Anthony is seen as the shy, quiet, awkward one in the group, which is linked to his life when his biological father was around before he disappeared around 2009. The father started fighting with him and his mother more than ever during the last few months he was around. When his father would boss him around, the once tough Anthony eventually let his guard down and as a result came quieter as his father never listened to anything he said. While not having the same situation as Chris Turner, this still left a significant dent on Anthony's childhood.

Anthony eventually met Aaron Velazco and Victor Clay in middle school. The two befriended Anthony after seeing he was pretty lonely, and they formed a brotherhood. Around the same time, they convinced Anthony to join football with him so he would have a purpose in life and be happy. Anthony became a kicker, and saw he was very good at it. The boys played football throughout middle school. When they went to football camp in summer 2016, the four boys met Adrian Wilson, who they became fast friends with.


Anthony wears a long sleeved striped polo shirt with black sleeves. He has long tall hair, and has four pimples on his face. He also wears basic pants and shoes.


Sibling Rivalries Pre-Series


Sibling Rivalries Main Series


Sibling Rivalries The Next Chapter

He appears in every comic of the series.

Class Schedule (TNC)Edit

Homeroom (Mr. Johnson)

  1. Honors English I (Unknown as of now)
  2. Physical Education (Unknown as of now)
  3. JROTC (Unknown as of now)
  4. Algebra I (Mr. Eaton)
  5. Advancement Via Individual Determination (Unknown as of now)
  6. Biology (Mr. Howell)


  • He was created to be the polar opposite of Victor Clay.
  • Anthony DeoBer was originally the name of the main antagonist in the cancelled The Wolves comic series. In fact, Anthony's character model is exactly the same as the TW Anthony.
  • It was hinted that Anthony was lactose intolerant in "Love At First Plight", but he is seen eating pizza in "The Ballad of Isaiah Trevino" (which was exactly what Anthony said he disliked in the former comic). This was a mistake on GTA Nerd's part, and he confirmed that Anthony is indeed lactose intolerant.
  • Anthony is the youngest of the high school group not counting Packie.
  • When he has sugar and/or caffeine in his system, Anthony becomes more talkative and prone to do crazy things. This is almost similar to Rajesh Koothrappali from The Big Bang Theory, who, in the first six seasons of the show, was unable to talk to girls unless he drinks alcohol, which impacted his personality in a negative way. However, as seen in "Restraining The Beast", energy drinks are no good for Anthony and caused health problems, while other sugar such as candy and soda do not harm him as badly.
  • Also, when Anthony experiences a sugar crash or is very tired, he exhibits "drunk" behaviors. However, this did not happen in "Restraining The Beast", and only happens from Season 2 onward.
  • Anthony is GTA Nerd's personal favorite TNC character.
  • He is rarely seen smiling.
  • Apparently, in 2014 Anthony had an embarrassing incident involving spilling chocolate milk all over himself in sixth or seventh grade, which causes Victor to burst into laughter every time it is mentioned.


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