Angus Martin
Angus in GTA: The Lost and Damned
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned

Episodes from San Andreas: Brotherhood Rising

Full name: Angus Martin
Also known as: Mr. Martin


Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1977 (aged 36)
Place of birth: Acter, Alderney City
Home: Colinas, San Andreas
Nationality: American
Family: Leila Sharpe (girlfriend)

Unnamed brother

Main Affiliation: The Lost MC (formerly)
Devils Chosen MC
Leila Sharpe
Isaac Hayes
Weapons: Pistol
Vehicle(s): Dark blue Wolfsbane

Angus Martin is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned. He is a semi-retired member of The Lost MC who lost the use of his legs after a motorcycle crash caused by Billy Grey

He makes a second appearance as the main character in Brotherhood Rising. He is the founder of the Devils Chosen MC and President of its Colinas chapter. At the beginning of Brotherhood Reborn he is the Vice-President of The Lost MC's Blaine County chapter but leads a group of senior members in a splinter group after a betrayal that serves as the opening of the episode.    

History Edit

Background Edit

Events of Episodes From Liberty City: The Lost and DamnedEdit

Angus was paralyzed in an accident caused by Billy Grey. He and Billy were out riding together when Billy failed to see an oncoming truck causing a major crash. Both bikers survived the crash but Angus lost the use of his legs and was forced to rely on a wheelchair. The accident left Angus with a sullen and pessimistic outlook on life and gave him a deep hatred for Billy Grey but he remained a loyal member of The Lost MC's Alderney sub-chapter. At an unspecified point in time, Angus and Johnny Klebitz built Billy's bike.

By 2008 he had became a close friend of Alderney City chapter Vice-President, and later President, Johnny Klebitz. Due to his inactive role in the chapter, as a result of his no longer being able to ride a motorcycle, he remained on the sidelines of club activities keeping in touch with Johnny and several other members via e-mails and phone calls. With a keen understanding of money making endeavours Angus became involved as a partner in a hijacking racket run by Jim Fitzgerald. Following the civil war that destroyed the Alderney City in late 2008 Angus stood of one of the only survivors of his chapter - alongside Johnny, Terry and Clay.

Events of Episodes From San Andreas: Brotherhood RisingEdit

In late 2008 Angus underwent a highly experimental surgical procedure to restore his ability to walk in an effort at reclaiming his life. The procedure, paid for by Thomas Stubbs, was a success with a newly mobile Angus finally able to throw away his wheelchair after six months of intensive physical therapy treatments. Angus was soon back on his motorcycle in a highly active role with the Broker chapter of The Lost MC in an effort at making up for lost time. Later that year, he and a number of patched members led by Johnny Klebitz left Liberty City and traveled across the country to San Andreas.

Upon their arrival the group formed the Los Santos chapter under Johnny's leadership. Angus was voted in as Vice-President and once again took an active and dedicated role in the chapter. However, as the chapter grew he became discontent with the attitudes of some members and the direction the chapter was headed in. A rift developed between him and the chapter leadership after Angus voiced his concerns and criticized the growing drug use within the chapter. A small group of like-minded members gathered around him causing friction with members loyal to Johnny.

In 2011 Angus was drinking at a local bar when he was ambushed by several members of his chapter. Seated a curbside table with a group of his supporters he turned to greet a group of passing club members only to be met with a hail of bullets. The group survived the attack and angrily confronted Johnny and the chapter at the clubhouse leading to a tense standoff. Disgusted with the betrayal Angus and his supporters spat in Johnny's face before storming out of the clubhouse. They then took off their patches and resolved to form a new club with an oath of vengeance against Johnny and his chapter of traitors. 

Patches Edit

Angus' sleeveless leather vest, like any outlaw motorcycle club member's, has a number of patches on it. Below is a list of Angus' patches and what they mean:

  • Vice-President: Signifies that he is the Vice-President of the Blaine County chapter of The Lost MC. This is later replaced by a "President" patch when he forms the Devils Chosen MC.
  • Colinas: Signifies that he is a member of the Colinas chapter. Worn on the left breast of the vest beneath the rank patch.
  • Sledge: Signifies the "road name" given to him by his chapter. Worn on the left breast of the vest.
  • Ball and chain: Signifies that he has served time for the club. Worn on the right side of the vest collar
  • Liberty City - Los Santos 2008: Signifies that he rode his motorcycle from Liberty City to Los Santos in 2008.
  • Original: Signifies that he is an original member of the club. Worn on the right side of the vest beneath the road name patch. Accompanied by a commemorative brass badge worn on the upper right breast of the vest.

LSPD Database Record Edit

First Name:Angus
Place of Birth:Leftwood, Alderney City
  • President of the Colinas chapter of the Devils Chosen MC
Criminal Record:
  • 1997 - Disorderly Conduct
  • 2003 - Parole Violation
  • 2009 - Possession: Unlicensed Firearm
  • 2013 - Aggravated Assault
  • Believed to be the President of the Del Monte chapter of the Devils Chosen MC.
  • Former Vice President of the defunct Blaine County chapter of The Lost MC who left in bad standing with his former club.
  • Former US Army Infantryman who saw active service with the 89th Infantry Regiment in Eastern Europe. Dishonorably discharged in 1997 due to criminal offending.

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  • Angus earned the nickname "Sledge" for his forceful punching style that a fellow member compared to a sledgehammer blow. He was given the nickname after a brawl in a local bar which saw him knock out a rival biker with a single punch.