Fairy World has a new baby! Meet Angel, The newest addition to Fairy World! But there is one problem: Anti-Juandissimo, Anti-Blonda, and Pentrenellistheniso plan to kidnap the infant and harness all her magical powers to take over the Universe along with it's riches and Timmy, Juandissimo, Junior, Blonda, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof must save her before it's too late!

Key: This episode is a 3-hour Special.


Part 1: Fairy World is having it's 10,000th Anniversery, And all the Fairy Godparents Godchildren on Earth came. Even Timmy and his Fairies, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof came. Blonda and Juandissimo come along, But seem depressed throughout the whole party. Timmy goes up to them and asks them if they would like to compete in the Apple-Dunking Contest, But they refuse. Timmy asks them what was troubling them, And they respond to him say that Junior, Their 1 year old son, Has refused to do anything and is bored out of his little mind. Timmy suggests they get him a new sibling. Juandissimo shakes his head, Saying they do not have a Godchild that could wish them up one. Then Timmy suggests he could wish them up one, Because he already had Fairy Godparents. Blonda and Juandissimo perk up, Waiting in silence for the wish to be made. Wanda, who pushes Cosmo away, Makes the wish, And Blonda's stomach bloats out bigger than a balloon, And punches Timmy, Who crashed into the wall. Timmy asks why Blonda is having the baby instead of Juandissimo, And Juandissimo explains to him that Male Fairies can only give birth once, So at the time of the second child, The Female gives birth (Like Female Anti-Fairies Birth). Once the party ended, Blonda's belly had grown from the size of a balloon, to a soccer ball, the a watermelon. As the couple left, They thanked Timmy for making the wish and Wanda for granting the wish, While Blonda's moodswings and wierd cravings started to kick in.

Part 2:

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