Andrew was the tritagonist of the cancelled The Brotherly Bond franchise. He is the next door neighbor of Junior, and nearly every day, the two got together to ride their bikes around the town of Juneau, Alaska. Andrew was considered by Junior to be his "second best friend", with Azriel being his #1 best friend. Andrew never took this the wrong way and was perfectly happy with his position.

In December 2012, Azriel's parents were killed in a car accident, so Andrew and Junior (along with his parents) went to get Azriel and they brought him to their house. Since Azriel was now an orphan, Junior's parents adopted him, which then makes Junior and Azriel brothers, and not just best friends.

This changes the lives of Junior, Azriel, and Andrew forever. It only makes things more exciting and it brings the trio more adventures to go on together. For a long time, Azriel and Andrew never met each other, although Junior really wanted them to get to know each other. Since Azriel now lives with Junior and Andrew lives next door .. now the three are all awesome friends!

Following TBB's cancellation, Andrew and all other characters have been confirmed as non-existent, and all of the events that occurred in the franchise are non-canon to the GTA Nerd Comic Universe.


Andrew would have appeared in these comics.

He appeared in every The Brotherly Bond: The Brothers Return! comic that was written prior to the series's cancellation, with the exception of "Frightmare!". In the four comics that he did appear in, however, he had a small role. Assuming that the franchise did continue on like it was supposed to, Andrew may have had larger appearances later on.

He also made appearances outside of the TBB franchise, including in the Cletus Comics comics "Playdate... of DOOM!!" and "Cletus and the Diamond Deal", as well as the Sibling Rivalries comic "Diamonds in the Rough". In all three of these cameo appearances, he did not have a speaking role.

(♠ - GTA Nerd did not exactly have plans for Andrew to appear in this installment, however, this may have been wrong; Andrew could have shown up later on in the comic.)

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