The Ancelotti Family, also known as the Ancelotti crime family, is an Italian-American criminal organization based in Alderney City. The mafia family holds a seat on The Commission as one of the infamous Five Families and the fifth-most powerful mafia family in the Alderney City-Liberty City area. It operates out of Alderney City across the state border but also maintains a presence in some areas of AlgonquinLiberty City.

Currently led by seasoned mobster Antonio Caiviano, it has regained a portion of its former strength but has not yet managed to rise in standing among the Five Families of Liberty City. It's status as the weakest of mafia family has made it a target for rival families looking to earn a seat on The Commission - most notably the Pegorino Family in 2008.

In a strategic move, the Ancelotti Family has established alliances with smaller mafia families such as the Vercetti Family of Vice City. It represents the Vercetti Family on the Commission voicing the concerns of the smaller mafia family alongside its own. The exact nature of the relationship between the Ancelottis and the Vercettis has never been revealed.


The Ancelotti Crime Family, often referred to in shortened form as the Ancelotti Family, was formed by the Italian immigrant Ancelotti family in the early 1900s. After becoming established in America the family slowly built a criminal empire based in Alderney City in the nearby state of Alderney with patches of territory in Liberty City. Their original criminal rackets included loan sharking, illegal gambling and contraband smuggling.

In 1970, the Ancelotti Family went to war with the Gambetti Family to gain territory and reputation. However, this plan backfired when a high ranking Gambetti member, Jon Gravelli, nearly killed the Ancelotti don only choosing not to at the last minute. In 1975, the family went to war with the Messina Family over an insult which resulted in multiple deaths. The Ancelottis have been allies of the Pavano Family since their very early days but have never had much contact with the Lupisella Family. 

In 1978, the ruling don of the Ancelotti Family died. He was soon replaced by his nephew Giovanni Ancelotti who took led the family through numerous conflicts and hardships. In 1992, the newly emerged Pegorino Family requested a seat on The Commission only to be denied by the Ancelotti Family and the other original families. Enraged, the Pegorino Family went to war with the Ancelotti Family due to its status as the weakest of the Five Families hoping to destroy the Ancelottis and take their place. In retaliation the Ancelotti Family carried out a series of attacks on the Pegorino Family sparking a long lasting war.

In 2008, the Ancelotti Family was very dearly destroyed by Niko Bellic, a gunman hired by the ambitious James Pegorino, who assassinated the Ancelotti caporegimes and several other lower ranking members. This near collapse, coupled with his old age and failing health, forced Giovanni to step down in favour of his consigliere Antonio Marconi. The ruthlessly cunning Antonio used this weakness to set a trap for the Pegorino Family ordering all Ancelotti made men to withdraw to the family power base in Leftwood abandoning several of the family's most lucrative enterprises in the process. Marco then ordered that his family temporarily cease operations to fool the Pegorino's in believing that they were on the very brink of collapse.

The amused Ancelottis watched from the shadows as the Pegorinos inflated ego and ambition finally came back to bite them. As expected the Pegorino Family soon betrays Niko and launches a botched assassination attempt that ends with the Don Pegorino's death at the hands of his former hireling. It is at this moment that the Ancelotti Family emerges from the shadows to launch a bloody campaign of retribution against the leaderless and scattered Pegorino Family. Ancelotti made men ruthlessly and systematically assassinate every ranking Pegorino member destroying any chance at a recovery. In an act of retribution the Ancelottis seize the Pegorino Family's criminal rackets in Alderney City and their existing fronts. The few surviving Pegorino made men are given two options; swear loyalty to the Ancelotti Family or die. Naturally, most defected to the Ancelottis pledging their loyalty to Antonio who offered them a chance at real success. 

Those few Pegorinos who refuse to defect are hunted down and brutally murdered by Ancelotti hit-men in a final act of vengeance. With the collapse of the Pegorino Family and the death of its Don the Ancelotti Family is finally restored to good standing with The Commission regaining its position in full. The downfall of the Pegorinos serves ad the rebirth of the Ancelottis. From its base in Leftwood the Ancelotti Family rose to dominate the criminal underworld of Alderney City controlling every major criminal racket in the city. It current holds territory in Leftwood and Westdyke with an extended influence in every neighbourhood in Alderney City via its network of informants and made men. 

By 2011, the Ancelotti Family had forged a close relationship with the Pavano Family with grew into a formal alliance. It used the 2008 deaths of its ranking members to bring fresh blood to the leadership rewarding its most loyal members with positions of power. Antonio personally appointed Vito Bucciani, a high ranking Ancelotti made man who had personally killed four Pegorino made men avenging an attempt on don's life, as underboss. 


Historical Membership Edit


  • 1928 - 1978: Giuseppe Ancelotti
  • 1978 - 2008: Giovanni Ancelotti


  • 1928 - 1981: Vicenzo Bacciani
  • 1981 - 2008: Charles Matteo


  • 1928 - 1979: Emiliano Sabatino
  • 1979 - 2008: Salvatore Macaluso


  • 1928 - 1976: Piero Labruzzo
  • 1928 - 1979: Basilio Ercolani
  • 1928 - 1982: Ronaldo Baiocchi
  • 1979 - 2008: Luca Maffucci
  • 1982 - 2008: Anthony Spoleto
  • 1986 - 2008: Frank Garone


  • 1977 - 2008: Vincenzo Pelosi
  • 1992 - 2008: Rocco Pelosi
  • 1997 - 2008: Marco Santorini
  • 1997 - 2008: Benjamin "Benny" Lamberti
  • 1997 - 2008: Antonio "Tony" Damiano
  • 1997 - 2008: Salvatore "Sal" Racioppi

Current Membership Edit




Caporegime Edit


Trivia Edit

  • The name Ancelotti is mispronounced several times in GTA IV. Multiple characters pronounce it as "An-se-lotti" instead of the correct Italian "An-che-lotti". This may have been an oversight by the developers or the result of a misinterpretation of the Italian language.
  • It is revealed that the Ancelotti Family was behind the downfall of the once powerful and feared Leone Family. The family engineered the destruction of its most hated rival over the course of several years systematically targeting Leone members in bloody mafia killings. It was well known that the Ancelotti Family and the Leone Family were violent rivals in the late nineties frequently fighting over territory in Alderney City. On Giovanni's orders, groups of Ancelotti men targeted and destroyed the entire hierarchy of the Leone Family.

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