Amanda Prince (nee Brooks) is a main character in Turner's Second Chance. She is the aunt to the story's protagonist Chris Turner, and the mother to Hunter Prince, Chris's cousin who serves as TSC's deuteragonist.

Amanda is a kind woman with a boyfriend named Nathan who she plans to marry soon. Amanda loves her younger sister and her sons. Amanda is the reason why Tonya and her sons leave Compton to move to San Francisco. Following Tonya's divorce from her drug addicted, alcoholic husband, Amanda calls Tonya to invite her to live in SF, where she will have a happier life. Tonya accepts and moves there with her sons immediately.


Amanda wears a long sleeved v-neck shirt with a plain skirt and basic shoes. She has shorter hair than Tonya, but she has much more hair.


  • GTA Nerd named her after Amanda De Santa, the wife of Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V. Originally, he was going to give the name to Chris's mother, but the sisters' names were later switched.


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