Alpha & Omega
Alpha & Omega CD Cover
Released 12 January 2010
Recorded 18 October 2009
Length 74:56
Label Grace Records
Producer Redeemed, Grace Records

Alpha & Omega is the first live praise and worship album by Redeemed. It was recorded during the 2009 Ablaze Conference in Los Santos. The album launched the band's career and was certified bronze by the American Christian Recording Industry Association (ACRIA) in 2011 after selling fifteen thousand units.

It is a devotional album focusing exclusively on the worship of God. The album followed the practice of each member of the band composing songs to include in the album. Because of this each song has a unique quality imbued by its author which has created a diverse yet interwoven album praising God.

Reception Edit

Alpha & Omega won the Inspirational Album of the Year, Best Debut Album and Worship Album of the Year categories at the 2011 Calvary Awards. It also reached the ACRIA Album Chart Top 150 and was voted five out five stars by Jeremiah Wilson of True Light.

Track List Edit

Alpha & Omega Edit

  • Track 1 - "Alpha & Omega"
  • Track 2 - "Lion Of Judah"
  • Track 3 - "On My Knees"
  • Track 4 - "When You Spoke"
  • Track 5 - "None Like You"
  • Track 6 - "All To You"
  • Track 7 - "Good Father"
  • Track 8 - "My God, My King"
  • Track 9 - "Before All Else"
  • Track 10 - "I Stand In Awe"
  • Track 11 - "Glorious One"
  • Track 12 - "Forever Yours"

Trivia Edit

  • Alpha & Omega stands as the most successful album ever produced by Redeemed. It launched the band's musical career and established a loyal fanbase from the moment of its release. It is credited as being the album that took Redeemed from a small-time unknown worship band to a professional regionally famous worship band.

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