Alpha & Omega
Alpha & Omega CD Cover
Released 5 June 2006
Recorded 22 February 2006
Length 74:56
Label Cornerstone Music
Producer Redeemed, Cornerstone Music

Alpha & Omega is the third studio album and overall fifth album by Redeemed. It was released on 5 June 2006 as a follow up to the success of Beautiful Glorious and Spirit Rise. It includes a special DVD featuring a bonus song and a short sermon from Michael Wright.

Two singles were released to promote the album: "Here In Your Arms" on 12 March 2006, and "Running To You" on 9 May 2006. Both of these singles were then included in the album as bonus songs on the DVD. The album focuses on praising God the Father.

The album debuted at No. 4 on the LSCM Albums Chart on 16 June 2006. It has also reached No. 1 on True Light's Top Christian Albums and No. 11 San Andreas Christian music digital album sales. In 2007, it was nominated for a Nazareth Award for Worship Album of the Year at the 2007 Los Santos Christian Music Awards.

Track List Edit

Alpha & Omega - Disc 1 Edit

  • Track 1 - "Alpha & Omega"
  • Track 2 - "Lion Of Judah"
  • Track 3 - "On My Knees"
  • Track 4 - "When You Spoke"
  • Track 5 - "None Like You"
  • Track 6 - "All To You"
  • Track 7 - "Good Father"
  • Track 8 - "My God, My King"
  • Track 9 - "Before All Else"
  • Track 10 - "I Stand In Awe"
  • Track 11 - "Glorious One"
  • Track 12 - "Forever Yours"

DVD - Disc 2 Edit

  • Bonus Song - "Running To You"
  • "Seeking God In The Storm - Michael Wright"

Trivia Edit

  • Alpha & Omega has continued Redeemed's musical success. It is still regarded as one of it's most popular albums with consistently high sales numbers both digitally and in-store. It is widely used in Pentecostal church services across San Andreas and is frequently streamed online.