Alfredo Belotti
Full Name
Alfredo Belotti
Male Human (Italian)
Date of Birth/Current Age as of 2013
Most likely born in the 1920's (possibly deceased)
Place of Birth/Current Residence
Born somewhere in Italy; possibly resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America
Interests, Friends, and Enemies
Neither of these are known
Family Members
Valerie Wilson (daughter)
Fred Wilson (son in-law)
Louis Wilson (grandson)
Hector Wilson (grandson)
Maureen McReary-Wilson (granddaughter in-law)
Carol Wilson (granddaughter in-law)
Sam Wilson (great granddaughter)
Adrian Wilson (great grandson)
Troy Wilson (great grandson)
Francis McReary (step-great grandson)
Patrick McReary (step-great grandson)
Gerald McReary (step-great grandson)
Derrick McReary (step-great grandson)
Kate McReary (step-great granddaughter)
Aiden Wilson (great grandson)
First Appearance
"Straight Outta Green Bay" (mentioned only)

Alfredo Belotti is a mentioned character in Sibling Rivalries. He is the father of Valerie Wilson, the maternal grandfather to her sons Louis and Hector, and the great-grandfather to his grandsons' children.

In the special comic "Straight Outta Green Bay", while the McReary siblings are on vacation in San Diego, California, the subplot is about a party at the McReary-Wilson Residence that was accidentally started by Salvador Real and his friends while Louis and his wife Carol were watching the house. At the party, Louis's parents appear, much to the surprise of Louis. He asks them why did they come, and his parents tell him that they love partying. Valerie tells her son that she and Fred met at "his [Louis's] grandpa's 50th party in Milwaukee back in the '70s". Fred says that it was an accident, and he thought the party was actually the supermarket. He comments that it was "the best mistake he has ever made".

On March 31 2016, the author of the comic series expanded on Alfredo's background. The character didn't have an official name until this date, when the author created an Italian name for him. Now Alfredo was revealed to have been born in Italy, where he either married a woman there, had Valerie, then moved to the USA, or immediantly moved to the USA, where there he married and had Valerie. Either way, this still makes the rest of the Wilson family (except Louis's wife Carol Wilson who is not actually a blood relative, and the McReary siblings, as they are only step-relatives) part Italian.

It is unknown when will Alfredo appear in the series, although it could happen in Season 6.


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  • Seeing that Alfredo was celebrating his 50th birthday sometime in the 1970's, this would put his birth date sometime in the 1920's, and put his current age (as of 2013, since characters in the series no longer age after this year) near 90 or older, if he is still alive.