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The Alderney City Corsairs, more commonly referred to simply as the Corsairs, are a professional football team based in Alderney City. It is well known for its highly competitive rivalry with the Liberty City Wrath that began in 2002. This rivalry has since been picked up by the fans of both teams leading to passionate arguments between the two.

The team is owned by wealthy real estate mogul Bryce Montrose. It was given a major overhaul in 2010 receiving new uniforms and a number of newly recruited players. The Corsairs are supported by the Alderney City Corsairs Cheerleaders who provide morale raising performances for the team whipping their fans into a frenzy. The team mascot is affectionately known as Corsair Colin.

Current Players Edit

The current Corsairs player roster is readily available on the team's official website. It recently signed a number of college-level players to bring fresh talent into its underperforming roster. The roster is as follows.


  • #1 Quarterback - Theodore Thompson
  • #22 Running Back/Fullback - Robert Jackson
  • #24 Running Back/Halfback - Casey Harris
  • #70 Tackle - Bryan Robison
  • #71 Tackle - Colin Hughes
  • # 62 Guard - Wayne Atkinson
  • # 66 Guard - Jeremiah Phillips
  • # 55 Center - Peter Ericson
  • # 44 Tight End - Tyrell Jones
  • # 15 Wide Receiver - Samuel Jamison
  • # 18 Wide Receiver - Anthony Bennett


  • # 43 Middle Linebacker - Cameron Harris
  • # 46 Outside Linebacker - Craig Taylor
  • # 53 Outside Linebacker - Shaun Atkinson
  • # 72 Tackle - Daryl Lewis
  • # 73 Tackle - Marcus Clarke
  • # 86 End - Daniel Wilson
  • # 82 End - Kirby Olsen
  • # 5 Cornerback - Luis Luna
  • # 8 Cornerback - Juri Karamazov
  • # 2 Safety - Matthew Shaw
  • # 3 Safety - Terrence Mitchell

Trivia Edit

  • The team bears a strong resemblance to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both make heavy use of the colour red, both use a pirate theme in their name and branding and the name "corsair" is synonymous with "buccaneer". However, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are based in Tampa Bay whereas the Alderney City Corsairs are based in the GTA Universe's equivalent of Jersey City. The Corsairs are not based on the Buccaneers despite the similarities between them.
  • The Corsairs are known to operate a professional partnership with the Bullworth High Mariners high school football team. Promising players from the high school team are selected by talent scouts from the Corsairs for sponsorship into collegiate football to prepare them for eventual signing to the team.
  • The full Corsairs player roster is briefly seen on the official team website seen on Angus Martin's Belleno laptop. Angus is shown to be a devoted Corsairs fan in that he owns several items of team merchandise and is seen watching their games.

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