The Alamo Acres Development is a residential subdivision currently in the early stages of development in Grapeseed, San Andreas. It was the first development project begun by Union Developments and is planned to feature a mixture of low-income and middle-income housing.

It is a joint project between Union Developments and local construction contractor McGill-Olsen Construction. In late 2013 work crews from Union Developments have begun flattening and preparing the hilly land to make way for the houses to be built by McGill-Olsen Construction.

Description Edit

The development is planned to be a twenty two house residential subdivision on the northern edge of Grapeseed. It was commissioned as result of a pressing need for proper housing in the town with the rights to the development contract being won by Union Developments in 2012. Signs advertising the neighborhood can be seen in numerous places across northern Grapeseed, most notably around the site entrances and on the approach to the site from the south.

It has been designed to be connected to Grapeseed's commercial district by pedestrian footpaths and a specially built boardwalk from the northeastern end. An artist's rendition of the neighborhood seen on the development signs shows that the houses in the neighborhood are to be ranch-style homes of the kind seen throughout Blaine County. The neighborhood is being developed to create homes for the farmworkers and rural residents who call Grapeseed home.

Trivia Edit

  • Former Liberty City Congressman Thomas Stubbs is seen visiting the development site along with a number of reporters in Brotherhood Rising. He is seen acting as a celebrity sponsor for the development and gives a speech addressing the importance of the neighborhood. However, the fact that he has not actually provided any financial funding for the development suggests that he is simply using it as a publicity opportunity in his campaign for Governor of San Andreas.
  • The Devils Chosen MC visits the site to chase off a group of hippies who are trashing it. They are called in by Thomas Stubbs, on behalf of a business associate who manages the site, to scare off the hippies who have occupied a portion of the site.

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