Ajuur Nujjiol Plaam
Full name: Ajuur Nujjiol Plaam
Also known as: Ajuur
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 4532 BBY
Place of birth: Nal Hutta, Outer Rim
Date of death: 3662 BBY (aged 870)
Home: Onderon, Inner Rim
Nationality: Hutt
Family: Koelb Nujjiol Plaam (father)
Laqihl Nujjiol Plaam (mother)
Yorlirm Nujjiol Plaam (son)
Main Affiliation: Nujjiol kajidic
Weapons: None (protected by guards)
Vehicle(s): Eclipse
Businesses: Saloum Arena
Saloum Smugglers Guild

Stumbling Fumbaa Bar

"You amuse me little one. Such bold words for one who has made such an unfortunate mistake."
―Ajuur speaking to a traitorous hireling
Ajuur Nujjiol Plaam, more commonly known as Ajuur, was Hutt crimelord and arena master who lived during the days of the Old Republic. He was a high ranking member of the Exchange who was known to control his criminal empire from a lavish private estate on the Inner Rim world of Onderon.

He survived the chaos of the Jedi Civil War, the Sith Civil War and the Great Galactic War to reach the age of eight hundred and seventy. Ajuur left behind a legacy for being one of the longest lived of his kind in galactic history. He earned the honorific title "Lord" in recognition of his great age and unparalleled criminal ability. Ajuur first assumed the title in 3766 BBY at the age of seven hundred and sixty six and carried it as a matter of great pride.

During the Jedi Civil War, Ajuur exerted a control over the Taris system and seized control of all trade routes in and out of the sector. He helped the Sith take control of Taris in exchange for total legal immunity for any and all criminal operations under his control. However, he went behind the backs of his Sith allies secretly rescuing and hiding Republic personnel stranded on Taris. He helped them obtain passage off-world by allowing them to hide on his black market smuggling freighters which passed through Sith security unchallenged. In this and several other ways Ajuur exploited both sides of the conflict to his advantage.

Ajuur used his connections in Taris' Sith Government to obtain the security clearance codes needed to pass through the Sith blockade over Taris. He was also given advanced warning of the impending orbital bombardment which allowed him to evacuate in time. The ambitious Hutt escaped Taris and fled to the Mid Rim world of Takodana.

During the Sith Civil War, Ajuur operated from a secluded palace on Takodana. He remained largely neutral in the conflicts between the Sith Lords only intervening when it served his interests. Ajuur held a healthy respect for the deadly powers wielded by the Sith Lords and kept well out of their conflicts in a gesture of self-preservation. Instead, he took advantage of the chaos created by their wars against each other and the Jedi Order to gain a number of lucrative black market connections.

He again used his political connections and natural cunning to exploit the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic during the Great Galactic War which allowed him and his enterprises to survive the war unscathed.


Early LifeEdit

Ajuur was born on Nal Hutta in the Outer Rim. As the only child of Koelb Nujjiol Prec he was raised as the sole heir of Clan Nujjiol and was introduced to his father's criminal enterprises at a young age. As a Huttlet he showed a strong criminal talent when he stole a valuable piece of jewelry from a rival and blackmailed the other Huttlet into silence. His father was immensely pleased and began teaching the young Ajuur the finer arts of being a criminal mastermind. Ajuur, who had possessed a keen intellect since birth, quickly excelled in his father's lessons becoming a promising criminal. Highly ambitious he spent a large portion of his youth on the Hutt homeworld learning from his father and honing his skills.

As a young adult, with the blessing of the Nujjiol patriarch, Ajuur used funds acquired through violently enforced tributes to buy a Dynamic-class freighter. He then left Nal Hutta and began wandering the Outer Rim seeking to make a name for himself. After wandering for several years Ajuur settled on the shady Nar Shadaa where he lived for a number of years running a popular brothel and gambling den. He then moved to Taris and set himself up in the Lower City as a local crime lord eventually opening an illegal dueling arena and a multi-race brothel. Ajuur went on to spend a great many years on Taris and become deeply involved in the planet's criminal underworld and black market. He forged several powerful connections in the Sith Empire and authored an agreement with the Sith authorities to allow him to conduct his criminal enterprises with total impunity in return for "removing" a few troublesome individuals for the Sith.

The highly ambitious and ruthlessly cunning Hutt soon developed an interest in swoop racing. He took bets on races and eventually forged a business relationship with the Black Vulkars swoop gang. As a matter of personal enjoyment he expanded his dueling arena and began taking bets on the lives of combatants. The cunning Hutt continued to favour the Black Vulkars but also covertly aided their rivals the Hidden Beks as well in order to earn winnings from both sides. Weary of assassins sent by rival crime lords Ajuur maintained a personal bodyguard of highly trained mercenaries.  

Sith Assault on TarisEdit

Ajuur received advance warning of the planetary bombardment due to his political connections among the upper levels of the Sith Empire. Darvin Renlas, Taris' Sith Governor, provided him with the security codes needed to ensure safe passage through the Sith blockade around the planet. He then used his connections in the Exchange to transfer his ill-gotten wealth to a secure off-world location ahead of his evacuation.

After his security codes were verified Ajuur fled Taris aboard his Voyager-class star yacht. His private luxury yacht made the jump to hyperspace moments before the Sith fleet began its planetary assault. In a ruthless gesture of his power, Ajuur abandoned most of his hirelings on Taris only taking his most trusted servants with him. While Taris burned the ever scheming Hutt lounged in luxury in hyperspace safe aboard his personal star ship.

Arrival on OnderonEdit

After wandering the Outer Rim for some time on an extended vacation Ajuur eventually settled on the jungle world of Onderon. As a Hutt he found the temperate climate and humidity highly pleasing and soon grew to enjoy life on the jungle world. He took possession of the estate of a traitorous nobleman, after having its former owner assassinated, and converted it into a Hutt Palace specially modified to suit his needs. The ever scheming and methodical Ajuur used his reputation and influence to forge a number of political connections in the Royal Court of Onderon.

He used a small portion of his fortune to fund the Royalist forces during the Onderon Civil War. As a result of his influence in the criminal underworld, which saw a large number of soldiers loyal to the traitorous General Vaklu murdered in underworld-style assassinations, Ajuur played a subtle role in keeping Queen Talia in her rightful place on the throne. The ambitious Hutt crime lord soon became a prominent figure in the criminal underworld of Onderon operating from his palace in Saloum.

During this time Ajuur began a romantic relationship with a female Hutt from Nar Shadaa who became his concubine. This relationship resulted in the birth of his son Yorlirm who, much to Ajuur's pleasure, closely resembled his father even as a tiny Huttlet.  

Rise to PowerEdit

Ajuur employed his cunning and expert manipulation skills to smooth the way to his rise to power as a prominent underworld figure on Onderon. He appealed to the greed and ambition of key figures in the Royal Court to secure powerful allies. These alliances proved invaluable for the scheming Hutt in that they allowed him to conduct his various criminal dealings with total impunity. Law enforcement agreed to turn a blind eye to his criminal operations in exchange for Ajuur fulfilling the desires or ambitions of selected governmental figures.

The ambitious Hutt settled in the city of Saloum. He forged an agreement with the leaders of the local metropolitan police force that would see them turn a blind eye to his criminal dealings in exchange for a sizeable monetary pay off. Ajuur took control of a traitorous nobleman's estate, after the mysterious "disappearance" of its former owner, and had it converted into a Hutt Palace. While on a secret visit to Cholganna, which saw him forge a business partnership with a group of smugglers, Ajuur became enamored with the predatory Nexu. After returning to his palace on Onderon Ajuur imported a pair of Nexu to serve as his personal pets and attack animals. Any of Ajuur's enemies unlucky enough to be captured, or anyone who displeased the Hutt, were swiftly fed to the ravenous pair of felines.

Highly ambitious, and greedy, Ajuur constantly sought lucrative new criminal enterprises. To this end he gathered together a loose affiliation of smugglers and space pirates to form the Saloum Smugglers Guild which operated under his protection. The newly formed criminal guild granted Ajuur control of a number of prominent smuggling routes which proved to be highly rewarding to the greedy Hutt. Under his patronage several space pirate crews spread out across the Outer Rim to begin preying on deep space freighters. At this time Ajuur also established the Saloum Arena and began placing bets on the lives of combatants. Ajuur favoured his son Yorlirm grooming the young Hutt to one day succeed him.

Due to his rising status and criminal power Ajuur often found himself targeted by assassins sent by a wide assortment of rival crime lords. In order to protect himself from these would-be assassins Ajuur hired a group of wandering Mandalorian mercenaries to serve as his personal bodyguards. He paid these mercenaries extremely well and instilled an unfailing sense of loyalty in them. He rewarded their loyal service with credits, alcohol and women.  

Life Amid The Wars Edit


Death Edit

Ajuur died in 3653 BBY shortly after reaching the venerable age of eight hundred and seventy nine becoming one of the oldest of his kind. This immense age earned him the admiring respect of many other Hutt crime lords who sought his advice and instruction. Unlike many of his kind, Ajuur escaped death by assassination or vengeful enemy, instead dying of a massive heart attack during a festival in his honour.

He was buried in the Clan Nujjiol Tomb on Teth alongside his ancestors. As a mark of respect for his immense criminal reputation and his venerable age Ajuur was laid to rest in a lavish funeral ceremony attended by a large crowd. After his death, Ajuur was succeeded by his son Yorlirm who took over his father's extensive criminal empire.

Legacy Edit

Ajuur begun a Hutt dynasty that lasted until 34 ABY. His descendants ruled over criminal empires of varying sizes and played subtle parts in countless wars. One of his most notable descendants was the Hutt crime lord Rajjax Nujjiol Tuth who oversaw a large criminal empire during the rise of the Galactic Empire. Rajjax exploited the chaos created by Order 66 and the formation of the Empire to broker a number of lucrative criminal alliances.

His descendants also became close associates of the infamous Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure with the two Hutt clans working together on numerous occasions. The personal writings of Ajuur have also been used as the criminal inspiration for many enterprising young Hutt crime lords.


  • Ajuur and the image used to portray him remain the sole property of LucasArts. This page exists as a continuation of his story after the events of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as purely fan-fiction content.
  • His name follows Hutt custom with his first name being followed by his clan name which is in turn followed by his personal surname.
  • Ajuur has an occasional altruistic streak that reveals itself at specific intervals. This rare trait has seen him act with mercy and even kindness at times. Altruism is a very rare personality trait that is seldom seen among the Hutt who are typically calculating and ruthless criminals. One of the most notable expressions of this trait in Ajuur was when he took mercy on a group of destitute Tarisians allowing them to escape the destruction of Taris aboard his personal starship. Despite this, Ajuur predominantly acts with the ruthless criminal attitudes common among his people.

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