Aiden McReary
Full Name
Aiden McReary
Mr. McReary
Male Human (American)
Date of Birth/Current Age as of 2013
Sometime in the 1970's, placing his age around 40 years old (died in 2006)
Place of Birth/Current Residence
Born somewhere in the United States of America, died in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
Interests, Friends, and Enemies
Smoking (cause of death)
Family Members
Maureen McReary-Wilson (wife; widow until 2015)
Francis McReary (son)
Patrick McReary (son)
Gerald McReary (son)
Derrick McReary (son)
Kate McReary (daughter)
Rachel O'Neill (mother in-law)
Paul O'Neill (father in-law)
Gertrude Conner (sister in-law)
Nicholas Conner (brother in-law)
Lauren and Amy Conner (nieces)
Ethan O'Neill (brother in-law)
Chloe O'Neill (sister in-law)
Dillon O'Neill (nephew)
Aaron O'Neill (nephew)
Robert O'Neill (nephew)
Cameron O'Neill (brother in-law)
First Appearance
"Hello, Wisconsin!" (first mention in Sibling Rivalries)

Aiden McReary is a mentioned character in Sibling Rivalries. He was the first husband of Maureen McReary, and the biological father of Patrick McReary, Francis McReary, Gerald McReary, Derrick McReary, and Kate McReary. He met Maureen in Vancouver, Canada, in Winter 1992. They dated eachother for the next six years, and eventually married eachother in fall 1998. Then, from 1999 to 2006, they had five kids. Mr. McReary was also a smoker, and as stated by Packie, he died shortly after Kate's birth from lung cancer. 

For nine years, the McReary siblings were raised only by their mother; they did not have a father figure again until July 2015, when Maureen meets and eventually marries a man named Hector Wilson; Hector would become the siblings' new step-father.

From Hector, Maureen had a new baby in September later that year, and named him Aiden, after her first husband Mr. McReary. This baby, however, has since been removed from the franchise, making him non-existent.


Sibling Rivalries Pre-Series


Sibling Rivalries


  • The years Mr. and Mrs. McReary met and married eachother in were the same years two Grand Theft Auto games took place in, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 1992, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories in 1998.
  • Mr. McReary's first name was revealed to be Aiden in "Wouldn't It Be Nice?".
  • The McReary siblings may not have been close to Mr. McReary's side of the family, as they never mention any of his relatives in the series. However, with the addition of Hector Wilson and some of his family members, this would make introducing relatives from the late Aiden's side unnessesary to the storyline.

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