Afternoons With Caycee was a feminist talk show featured on LifeTV. The show was filmed live and used the "lounge" set layout popular with many talk shows with cushioned couches artfully arranged around a coffeetable. It followed an often energetic "girl talk" style dialogue that ranged from friendly banter to feminist debate with the show's host, proud feminist Caycee Jones, frequently giving monologues on a variety of topics.

The show featured feminist discussions, political commentary on matters related to women, relationship advice, fashion tips and a wide range of topics of particular interest to its female audience. Caycee often interviewed prominent women such as actresses, businesswomen and female politicians. She delivered a number of strongly feminist monologues in which she exhorted the importance of "all things woman." As the show's name suggested it was broadcast in a late afternoon timeslot.

Production of the talk show came to an abrupt end in October 2011. Network executives felt that it had become outdated and repeatedly low viewing statistics convinced them to pull the plug. It was decided that the show would be replaced with a more modern and current version under the title Caycee.

Crew Edit

  • Caycee Jones (host)
  • Jessica Grant (women's rights activist)

See Also Edit

  • Caycee - direct successor to the show

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