Afternoons With Caycee is a feminist talk show featured on LifeTV. The show is filmed live and uses the "lounge" set layout popular with many talk shows with cushioned couches artfully arranged around a coffeetable. It follows an often energetic "girl talk" style dialogue that ranges from friendly banter to feminist debate with the show's host, proud feminist Caycee Jones, frequently giving monologues on a variety of topics.

The show features feminist discussions, political commentary related to women, relationship advice, health tips, fashion tips and a wide range of topics of particular interest to women. Caycee frequently interviews prominent women on the show with her guests ranging from actresses to businesswomen. Her monologues often take a strong feminist approach with Caycee exhorting the importance of pride in "all things woman". As it's name suggests Afternoons With Caycee is broadcast in an afternoon time slot.

Crew Edit

  • Caycee Jones (host)
  • Jessica Grant (women's rights activist)

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