Aaron O'Neill
Full Name
Aaron O'Neill
Male Human (Irish)
Date of Birth/Current Age as of 2013
September 11, 2003 (10 years old)
Place of Birth/Current Residence
Possibly born in Republic of Ireland; Currently resides in Appleton, Wisconsin, United States of America
Interests, Friends, and Enemies
Most likely a 5th Grade student at an unknown school
Family Members
Chloe O'Neill (mother)
Ethan O'Neill (father)
Dillon O'Neill (brother)
Robert O'Neill (brother)
Rachel O'Neill (paternal grandmother)
Paul O'Neill (paternal grandfather)
Gertrude Conner (aunt)
Nicholas Conner (uncle)
Lauren Conner (cousin)
Amy Conner (cousin)
Maureen McReary-Wilson (aunt)
Aiden McReary (deceased uncle; Maureen's first husband)
Hector Wilson (uncle, Maureen's current husband)
Francis McReary (cousin)
Patrick McReary (cousin)
Gerald McReary (cousin)
Derrick McReary (cousin)
Kate McReary (cousin)
Aiden Wilson (cousin)
Emily O'Neill and Sophie MacCaurthy (maternal great-grandmothers)
William O'Neill and Richard MacCaurthy (maternal great-grandfathers)
Cameron O'Neill (uncle)
First Appearance
"Uncle Cameron Moves In" (first appearance in Sibling Rivalries)
"I'm full of sadness and despair."
―Aaron O'Neill

Aaron O'Neill is a minor character in Sibling Rivalries. He is the middle son of Ethan and Chloe O'Neill, the younger brother of Dillon and the older brother Robert. He is also the cousin of the McReary siblings, which are the main protagonists of the series.

Aaron is a mix of a gothic (although he does not have any black in his clothing) and a very sensitive boy. He always appears very sad, and usually appears with his hands in his pockets, and earbuds in his ears, which shows he is listening to music. His younger cousin Kate McReary thinks he is cute, but she knows they cannot date, since they are related.

Aaron currently resides with his family (as well as his uncle Cameron O'Neill) in Appleton, Wisconsin.


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