A Revenger's Tragedy is the ninteenth chapter in Turner's Second Chance. Not counting the following epilogue, this is the final chapter of the story if Ending A is chosen.


Chris and Hunter decide to put past events behind them and return back to work at the Duran Print Works. Tristan, however, turns on them again, and really this was a plan to lure the cousins to their defeat. The Chavez brothers appear and tackle Hunter, brutally beating him, while Tristan makes an escape. Hunter tells Chris to chase after Tristan, which he does. Tristan leaves the print works, but not before setting the place on fire using a match.

Chris runs into Jordan on the street, and the two chase after Tristan's van, grabbing onto it while Tristan drives recklessly throughout the city. The van comes to a stop on the Golden Gate Bridge, and Chris beats up Tristan, defeating him and pushing him off of the bridge, where he meets his demise and is hit by a boat after falling into the water, killing him.

The police show up to the scene, and Officer Michael Smith appears, congratulating Chris for defeating Tristan. However, he breaks the news that Hunter was killed with the Chavez brothers when the print works went up in flames and they did not make it out in time. Chris is completely heartbroken and begins to tear up, but Jordan comforts him and tells him he is there for him.

Character AppearancesEdit

Note: A name in Italics indicates this is the character's first appearance.


  • The name of the chapter is taken from the final mission in the Deal ending of Grand Theft Auto IV.


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