AZRIEL-D2 was the tetartagonist of the cancelled The Brotherly Bond franchise, appearing later on in the series. He is Azriel's pet robot that was given to him in The Brotherly Bond: Rise of the Robots by another robot named Nathan, after Azriel, along with his adoptive brother Junior and his friend Andrew, helped him and his friend Brent defeat their nemesis while the trio were visiting the underground futuristic city of Futuropolis. AZRIEL-D2 is very intelligent and adventurous. He serves as a friendly companion to the three human boys.

Although AZRIEL-D2 lives with Junior and Azriel, the latter is the one who really owns, him, hence the robot's name.

Following TBB's cancellation, AZRIEL-D2 and all other characters have been confirmed as non-existent, and all of the events that occured in the franchise are non-canon to the GTA Nerd Comic Universe.


AZRIEL-D2 would have appeared in these comics.

He appeared in every comic The Brotherly Bond: The Brothers Return! that was written, with the exception of "Frightmare!".

He also made appearances outside of the TBB franchise, including in the Cletus Comics comics "Playdate... of DOOM!!" and "Cletus and the Diamond Deal", as well as the Sibling Rivalries comic "Diamonds in the Rough".

AZRIEL-D2 was mentioned in the Sibling Rivalries comic "The McRearys' Halloween Special!", however, following TBB's cancellation, this reference to him was removed.


  • His name is obviously a spoof of R2-D2.

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