7th Graders are featured in Sibling Rivalries and Grand Theft Friendships. It is a middle school grade, after 6th Grade and before 8th Grade.

Sibling Rivalries franchiseEdit

7th Grade is the grade Salvador Real, Eduardo Tena, and Claude are currently in, and the grade plays a main role in the series. The McReary family are friends with them.

Grand Theft Friendships and Grand Theft Friendships: Salvador Real's AdventuresEdit

At the beginning of GTF, the 7th Grade do not know Dimitri Rascalov, and will not do anything if Dimitri goes to the 7th Grade territory at school. After the mission "...The Note", 7th Graders will start teasing Dimitri about liking Salvador, and keep following him around until he leaves. After "Salvador Sends His Regards", they become really hostile to Dimitri, not letting him in their territory because Salvador does not want to be bothered by Dimitri. Then, once "That Special Someone" is completed, they stop being hostile and welcome him to their territory. You have a respect bar that shows how much respect you have from the 7th Graders. Complete missions and side missions to increase the respect so they can be non-hostile to you early.

Known 7th GradersEdit

Sibling RivalriesEdit

Grand Theft FriendshipsEdit

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