Events that occur in 2013.

Real WorldEdit

GTA UniverseEdit

2D UniverseEdit

  • Mock police records on the Grand Theft Auto 2 website are dated between 13/07/13 and 03/11/13. This, along with the game's futuristic setting led some fans to believe that the game takes place in 2013. However, the game's manual uses the phrase "three weeks into the future," and the website's clock is always set three weeks ahead of the current time — this puts forward the idea that the game takes place in an unspecific time and place, fitting with the game's setting of "Anywhere, USA." On top of this, radio host Johnny Riccaro mentions in the game that "the millennium's coming," which would make the possibility that the game is possibly set in 1999.

HD UniverseEdit

DR4L Comic UniverseEdit

GTA Expanded Universe Edit

  • The events of Paleto Ranger take place between March and June.
  • Angus Martin is incarcerated in Del Monte County Jail on an assault charge. He serves a reduced sentence after his lawyer successfully appeals to have his charge reduced to a misdemeanor.
  • The Devils Chosen MC establishes a chapter in Montgomery.
  • While serving his sentence Angus Martin proposes to his long time girlfriend Leila Sharpe.


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