...The Note is a mission in Grand Theft Friendships given to protagonist Dimitri Rascalov by D'Angelo Magana. It is the second part of the previous mission.


Dimitri tells D'Angelo he's ready to give Salvador Real his hand-written friend request. Dimitri spots Salvador playing soccer and says this would be a good time to give him the note. Dimitri, however, does not want to give Salvador the note directly. He decides to put the note in his backpack. D'Angelo goes with him to make sure he's not spotted by any of the 7th Graders.


You have 1 minute until Salvador finishes playing soccer. Quickly sneak over to his backpack without being spotted. To go into stealth mode, push the left joystick down (PS3 and Xbox 360), Shift (PC), L (PSP), or the stealth button (Apple and Android Devices). The backpack's not too far away, so it makes the mission easy.

Reaching the BackpackEdit

When you reach Salvador's backpack, a cutscene will play. This is the transcript:

  • Dimitri: Here goes nothing... (stashes the note in the backpack.) Well, that was easy.
  • D'Angelo: Are you sure it'll work?
  • Dimitri: Oh, it better! Crap, he's coming.

(The two watch Salvador picking up his backpack. He reaches inside to grab something, but instead finds the note. Dimitri watches with a smile.)

  • Salvador: What's this? "Dear Salvador, Hi, it's Dimitri Rascalov...just be my friend and I'll impress's my address and... (He bursts out laughing.)
  • Dimitri: He's laughing. Is that good?
  • Salvafor: Hey, Eduardo. Look at this crap!
  • Eduardo: He included his phone number and address? What a dork!
  • Joshua Jackson: He IS gay! Ha, ha!
  • Dimitri: Nope, not good.
  • Salvador: You Dimitri Rascalov? (He rips up the note.) Loser! (He walks away laughing with his friends.)
  • Dimitri: They're laughing at me! HE'S laughing at me! Why didn't it work.
  • D'Angelo: You included your address. Why?
  • Dimitri: I don't know, because I'm STUPID!!
  • D'Angelo: Not to me. Come on, let's get out of here.


There is none. The 7th Graders will now tease Dimitri about liking Salvador, so stay away from them. The next mission, Every Dog Has Its Day, is unlocked.

Post-Mission Phone CallEdit

  • Dimitri: Hello? Who's this?
  • Andrew Ramos: Dimitri Rascalov. Long time, no see. It's Andrew.
  • Dimitri: Andrew? The one from San Andreas?
  • Andrew: Los Santos to be specific. So, how's life on the east coast? I hear you're in love with a Salvador Real.
  • Dimitri: It's not love. I just want to be his friend. Ok, I'm jealous of him. He's so popular! If I become friends with him, I won't be jealous anymore.
  • Andrew: Yeah, good luck. See you soon, pal.

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